Boston America Licenses SECOND Invention Idea!

Boston America Licenses SECOND Invention Idea!


You never know when inspiration is going to strike. For EN member and Insider, Vedran Martinek, it was within hours of the Boston America Innovation Search closing! It may have been done quickly, but his hard work paid off… announcing the second Boston America licensing deal!


Born, raised and residing currently in Posavski Bregi, a small town approximately 25 miles from the capital city of Zagreb, Croatia, Vedran joined Edison Nation in 2014 in an internet search for commercializing inventions.

?I liked the idea of how EN works, a fair partnership with the inventor??

No stranger to inventing, Vedran has a bachelor?s degree in transportation/automotive design from the European Institute of design in Turin, Italy. His professional background is in industrial and product design. He also has a diploma for interior design. Before school, he worked as a self-taught graphic designer.

?My hobby is my work and it still fascinates me how a simple spark of thought about how the product will function and look, can be transformed through a person’s hand into drawings, through CAD software into a 3D model, and ultimately into a physical product people can use. That is a big part of my life and what really and truly makes me happy; to see something I envisioned, being made.?

The Boston America search for new candy-inspired invention ideas was Vedran?s first exposure to the EN process. After reading the search description, he knew he wanted to jump in, even though he never thought about the candy category or heard of the “Minions” movie – one of Boston America?s requested brands. This didn?t stop him though. With only hours to spare until the search closed, Vedran completed research, ideation, CAD modeling, renderings and the presentation of his idea.

vedran_martinek_image (1)

When asked what advice he could share for those of you looking to score that licensing deal, Vedran suggested,

?Just think about what can be improved in existing products that are already on the market and don?t overthink it too much. Keep the idea simple at its core and even if you need to “complicate” things when developing it further, you’ll have a good basis for doing that. Also if there’s a search for an idea from a company, always carefully read their requirements because if you go out of the boundaries of what the company needs, you’ll start developing your idea in the wrong direction and waste your time, and ultimately not be successful with your idea.?

Congratulations Vedran!

?Have you ever thought, ?wouldn?t it be cool if???


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  1. Derrick James

    Congrats Vedran. Looking forward to learning more about your idea with the details are released. Keep up the good work.

  2. Bill Ward

    This is very exciting Vedran! Amazing how you almost missed the search deadline.
    Goes to show, it’s never too late to give up.
    Enjoy the success Vedran and EN!

  3. Mahmoud Chahine

    Congratulations Vedran!
    We?re looking forward seeing the product in the stores and also to taste the candy =). Keep up the good work!

    Salutations from Stockholm Sweden

    Best Regards,
    “We design for life in Motion”

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