As Seen on TV (ASOTV) Quarter 2 search is now open!

As Seen on TV (ASOTV) Quarter 2 search is now open!

Spring has sprung, and so has our As Seen on TV Quarter 2 search for impressive, demonstrable products.


Edison Nation’s ?As Seen on TV? team is dedicated to products that are suited for a type of marketing called ?direct response? (think: TV infomercial). ASOTV products must make people react with an ?I need that!? impulse that drives immediate response. This category of consumer products is highly competitive and fast-?paced, so we have a dedicated team of industry experts and product developers with the know-?how to select the most promising ideas and carry them all the way through to TV stardom and store shelves.

The most successful As Seen on TV Products are easy to understand and can be demonstrated in 60 seconds or less. ASOTV products identify a problem a large number of people deal with every day, and the solution ?wows? the consumer to drive an immediate response.
After submitting your idea to the Edison Nation ASOTV search, your idea will first be evaluated by Edison Nation’s standard review process (which is described here). Once your idea passes stage 8, the As Seen on TV ‘secret sauce’ process starts cooking. Here’s a glance at what that looks like:


First we polish your idea utilizing realistic 3D renderings that we use to conduct a small, secure survey in order to gauge market interest and gain consumer feedback.


Upon a successful survey result, we dive deeper into complete industrial design and product development. At this phase we make initial prototypes to bring your product to life.


Next, a specialized testing website is deployed through a secure platform that allows us to gather data from around the world to understand the level of purchase intent for the product.


A successful web test means it’s time to finely tune the design and engineering of the item. We utilize our in?-house equipment, including 3D printers, laser cutters and water?jets to move this process along at lightning speed, as filming day approaches!


Time to make a commercial! Now the product is branded, storyboarded and scripted by our production team as it comes alive on screen. The editing team works meticulously to create a final spot that will immediately capture consumers’ attention.


Our media strategists and marketing team work together to develop a nationwide testing plan specifically tuned to the product’s target audience. After it airs over several weeks, the team analyzes data to decide whether or not the product will be profitable.


A successful media test result means the product moves onwards to a worldwide TV campaign and retail launch!

Have an ASOTV idea that has been just waiting to be shared??Submit it to our ASOTV Search now!

Learn More about Edison Nation ASOTV and submit your great idea

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6 Comments As Seen on TV (ASOTV) Quarter 2 search is now open!

  1. Michael Reines

    I have searched and can’t find whether or not this is monthly or a one year commitment.

    Should you be interested, are there any fees or any other monetary commitment’s we must make?

    While on the surface it appears that our idea, doesn’t meet the requirements stated for As Seen On TV, we proven that our idea can be used for a continuity program as 82% of all test market customers have repeat ordered.

  2. Mary Dickson

    Hi Michael, thanks for reaching out to Edison Nation. If you choose to submit an idea to one of our searches, we have a one-time fee of $25. Following this one submission charge, you won’t experience future payments. Please have a look at if you have further questions! Best of luck and happy inventing.

  3. Merci

    Does the submission requirement for the ASOTV have to already be patented or patented pending?

  4. Mary Dickson

    Hi Merci! You don’t need a patent to submit an idea. We’re open to all great, new ideas.

    All ideas are protected and never shared publicly until licensed. All reviewers and potential licensing partners are subject to strict confidentiality. Hope this helps! If you have further questions, please find us at

  5. Gwendolyn Strain

    Hi i just got rejected at stage four.
    I went on line and research my idea, and there’s only one simulator but doesn’t function the same. I would like to take it to another company if Edison refuse it a second time. Where can i get receive after help ?
    Or will they help?
    Gwendolyn Strain

  6. Michelle

    Hi Gwendolyn!

    When an idea is declined due to a crowded market, the product may not necessarily need to look physically similar to your idea in order to be competition. Often times, a competing product solves the same (or similar) problem in a very different way. In these instances, because something already exists to fulfill a similar consumer need, it prevents our licensing team from gaining a strong position with potential licensors.

    If you’d like to provide additional information to the evaluation team and have the idea reconsidered, you are welcome to submit it to another applicable search OR, duplicate it, update it and submit it to the same search (if it was declined from the All Category search).

    One thing we always suggest is to update the idea with your additional information and indicate the new information within the “Description” field.

    Best of luck!

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