Fitness and Exercise Inspirations for our Think Tank search

Fitness and Exercise Inspirations for our Think Tank search

Fitness and exercise?has progressed significantly throughout human history.

Today, personal trainers have extensive amounts of technology, research and state-of-the-art equipment available to them. Just a few hundred years ago the most modern techniques of working out included picking up and setting down large stones. Wait. They do that now in CrossFit, don’t they?

cross fit moving ball

Fitness is no longer reserved for Olympic athletes, but for any person looking to better themselves both mentally and physically. Not only has innovation in the field of workout and fitness equipment continued to multiply, but we are developing new specific and tailored forms of exercise. Your local YMCA probably offers over a dozen different kinds of exercise and fitness classes including hot yoga, pilates, and which ever new form of Zumba that is trending. Even pole dancing is now widely regarded as a serious form of exercise that people from all walks of life participate in. Because of the countless forms of exercise and exercise research, there has never been a higher demand for new and improved fitness and sports equipment.

Edison Nation has teamed up with TPG Sports?to seek out innovations in wearable technology in the fitness and sports industry, injury reduction and prevention, and ways to improve athlete performance. At Think Tank, up to 5 inventors will be invited to present their ideas in person to a panel of investors, sports executives and more. Want to get your idea in the game, but don?t know where to start? ?Here are 10 of the most influential advances in the sport and fitness industry to get the inventing ball rolling. ?

The Treadmill

The Treadmill, invented over 400 years ago, was originally intended to complete menial tasks such as dough kneading and pumping water. Today, it allow runners and joggers to get their cardio in out of the elements in every gym and many most homes in America. What’s trending today? Treadmill desks.?

treadmill desk

The Shake Weight

What originally seemed like a gimmick product, the?Shake Weight?quickly became one of the most successful ASOTV fitness products ever created. ?




The FitBit allows users to track their steps throughout the day. Steps taken equals calories burned. In addition, the FitBit offers a social experience for users, allowing one to connect with friends and family. If Aunt Marge can make it to 10,000 steps in a day, you better get yourself in gear, too.?


The Over the Door Pull Up Bar

This inexpensive piece of home equipment can be found at the top of nearly every teenage boys door, allowing them to work on their biceps without having to interact with their pesky parents or judgmental gym rats.


The Stationary Bike

The stationary bike allows users to burn carbs and fat from their entire body while simultaneously building lower body muscles. ?

k2-_d37bb53f-a0dc-4b71-81ff-1df9b3852189.v1The Ab Roller

This easy to use and cost effective ab shaping product has been helping to keep people fit from the comfort of their own home for years. ?


The Elliptical

A revolutionary cardio equipment that allows users to burn more fat than a treadmill or stationary bike alone – all without heavy impact to joints.


The Stair Stepper

A never ending staircase that gives its users greek-like hamstrings and glutes.


Moisture Wicking Workout Gear

Moisture wicking workout gear has been making it more comfortable for athletes to exercise for years. ?



Have an innovation for the sports and fitness industry? Learn more about our Think Tank search with TPG Sports here:



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  1. Curtis Harvel

    I have proven 100% patent pending personal massager that I have been prototyping for the last 3 years. How do I know Edison Nation is not there hoping to still my idea. I don’t have a website yet, as I have not sold a completed product. Because that is the road block I am at?

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