Edison Nation licenses the Tri Tip Walking Cane to Rite Aid

Edison Nation licenses the Tri Tip Walking Cane to Rite Aid

In February 2015, our Edison Nation Medical team partnered with Rite Aid to discover medical and consumer innovation.

We’re pleased to share that Rite Aid has licensed the?Tri Tip Walking Cane, and will launch this product into stores and online later this year.


We were able to catch up with the inventor, Jamie Jordan, to learn more about he was?able to take an idea to a finished product that will soon be sold in one of the largest drugstores in the U.S.

The Beginning of the Tri Tip Walking Cane

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Jamie’s friend, Randy Misenheimer, is a physical therapist that identified a problem: He was frustrated with his patients’ high fall rate using quad canes. In addition, he wanted to solve the issue of stability while using a cane, and how to eliminate or reduce pain in the hands, wrist, shoulder and back that often perplexes users who frequently use a cane. Since Jamie was introduced to a problem, this got his wheels turning. Jamie indicates that this was just the beginning…. as he got more involved, he was able to identify more problems that needed solving.

The Tri Tip Walking Cane?has been in motion for more almost 10 years. It took Jamie and team four years to bring this idea?to market.

“I have a great appreciation for what services Edison Nation provides for inventors. It is a very difficult process with many walls to scale. The cost of our patent was at least doubled due to our inexperience. And, our patent approval process took nearly four years to get… The whole process of how people discover, evaluate and purchase products has evolved. Getting a product made is completely different than getting people aware that your product exists and that it solves particular needs,” says Jamie.

The?Tri Tip Walking Cane

The Tri Tip Walking Cane uses a revolutionary design to provide the user with unmatched STABILITY, COMFORT, and CONVENIENCE that other highly advertised, gimmicky canes fail to provide. This cane?has three shock absorbing legs that expand and contract as the cane tilts with walking and as the ground surface changes maintaining constant ground contact with all three legs.

Rite Aid will launch the?Tri Tip Walking Cane?into stores and online later this year.

In the meantime? Jamie and his team are hoping to get a new walker into production this year. In addition, they have a concept for a single point cane design, as well as a recreational walking stick design that they hope to complete.

Jamie holds a BS in industrial distribution (engineering sales) and his professional background is in industrial consultive sales of quality control inspection equipment and precision manufactured components. His professional experience coupled with his Tri Tip Walking Cane?experience offers a unique point of view for our inventor community.

If you have a good solution to a large problem, then, you have a marketable product. Inventors need to listen to outside feedback to know that their solution is truly a good one. Once you know you?ve got a good solution, you need to find a champion – like Edison Nation – that can be the advocate for your solution.? In today?s world, everyone is bombarded with excess information that just becomes ?noise? and it takes someone with credibility and resources to be able to get that idea past the inherent filters that professional buyers must use to keep their own sanity.”

Jamie Jordan, inventor of the FlexSTICK

While not inventing new solutions, Jamie is a married father of three and the grandfather to two. He loves to hike and snow ski, and grew up water skiing, inner tubing and barefoot skiing on the Sabine River on the Texas/Louisiana border.

Join us as we congratulate Jamie, and keep your eye out at your local Rite Aid store for the?Tri Tip Walking Cane.

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    Wow, this sounds like a fantastic product that solves a nagging problem for many people. Now that’s a winning combination. All the best to you Jamie as your product comes to market later this year, as well as your other pending products. Sounds like you’ve found a nice niche.

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