2016 Housewares Show: Encouraging Millennials to Buy Products One Gadget at a Time.

2016 Housewares Show: Encouraging Millennials to Buy Products One Gadget at a Time.

This year?s Housewares Show was all about capturing Millennials.

This is the first year that the new generation has begun to out buy Baby Boomers in the housewares category, and the products at the 2016 Housewares Show definitely prove it.?Today, we will walk few some of the notable products making their debut and see how each one relates to Millennials because, let?s be honest, it is all about them.

Real oven taste in just 20 minutes.

Panasonic Induction Oven
The new Panasonic Countertop Induction Oven has an induction stove on the bottom and infrared broiler up top. These two heat sources mean this powerful little oven heats up faster and cooks your meal faster, resulting in less overall time spent cooking.

Mighty stand mixer takes up 25% less space.

Kitchenaid Artisan Mini
Kitchenaid hasn?t shrunk their mixer in over 50 years and Millennials are the reason for the change. The smaller size Artisan Mini is not light on power: It is said to have the same engine as the larger versions, just 25% smaller in size.

Multicooker cooks, chops, whisks, and guides you through any meal.

Gourmia GKM9000

The Gourmia GKM9000 is an app-enabled multicooker that provides you step by step instructions and does most of the work for you. It even stirs for you! This smart machine includes a built-in scale to show how much of an ingredient you’re adding. No measuring required. It cooks pasta and rice to perfection. It even steams, grinds, purees, chops, kneads, and more.

But what if I want an app to make my coffee?

nespresso prodigio

Wish granted. The new Nespresso Prodigio is Bluetooth enabled to brew coffee with a tap of your finger. You can even schedule coffee to brew at a certain time.

But does it also get the cup out of the cupboard for you? #Brewtooth