Edison Nation ASOTV: Bow wow WOW!

Edison Nation ASOTV: Bow wow WOW!

When Rachel F. sent in her ASOTV submission for a dog toy that makes brushing your dog?s teeth easier – we were instantly intrigued.

Her idea – originally titled ?Tugbrush? – involved a chew toy with channels inside that toothpaste would flow through. We knew there would be challenges, but we set to work and before long the Tugbrush had evolved into Brush ?N Play – The fast, easy and fun way to brush your dog?s teeth!

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So, how did we get from point A to B?

Rachel?s original drawings gave us a great starting point (seen below).


We started our work by taking a deep dive into existing products that help to clean canine teeth. There were brushes and bones and balls, but nothing quite like Rachel?s idea. We discussed the idea with vets and got lots of insight into doggie behavior. Next, we did exhaustive research into dog toothpaste – the textures, flavors, viscosity and cost. We even conducted a very scientific taste test with one of our pickiest staff dogs, Ruby.

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What did we discover from all this research, you ask? That shape and materials were key. As all dogs have different sized mouths and different chewing habits, we had to develop the proverbial ?Goldilocks? of dog toys – not too big, not too small, not too hard, not too soft. Many sketch brainstorming sessions later, and, voila! The unique starfish-shaped design emerged the victor! The tapered starfish tentacles meant a smaller dog could chew on the tips, while a larger dog could gobble the whole body. A sturdy handle ensured that the user could tug and pull as the dog plays. Check out the progression of ideas, below:


Final samples were made, the video production and editing team wrapped, and our little star was a star! Find out exactly how we prototyped our blue, rubbery sea creatures here.

Here is the final video spot:

But, not all starfish are born to be superstars.

After several weeks of airing the commercial and gathering data, we learned that Brush ?N Play simply was not the type of product that would sell well on TV. Though we tweaked the commercial and even tweaked the product, it was unable to hit the key metrics that we look for to tell us that a product will be profitable. But, never fear! This product will now be turned over to our superhero licensing team with hopes of finding a home on a retail shelf within an existing brand of products. You may, still, see Brush ?N Play at a store near you soon!

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  1. Alli G

    Wow this is a tough business! That seems like it would sell like hotcakes!! Cool concept, though, and hope it finds big success with the licensing team!

  2. Kim L

    I have never brushed a dog’s teeth, and didn’t know it was recommended daily. This looks like an easy solution to what could be a chore. Next time I get a dog, I look forward to using this!

  3. Crystal

    Oh WOW that surprises me. What a terrific idea for a doggie toy that’s useful! I would buy one or more for my little Rat doggie! She would love it. Good luck on getting it licensed. Brilliant!

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