College students identify the key problems that should be solved with the Health Enterprises search

College students identify the key problems that should be solved with the Health Enterprises search

Some of society’s most tremendous advancements in business and invention were generated in the minds of college students.

Facebook, Dell, and Gatorade are three multi-billion dollar companies. What do they have in common? They are rooted in the creativity that only being a broke undergraduate can conjure. ?

Health Enterprises, the premier designer, developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge consumer healthcare products, has recently opened a new innovation search with Edison Nation to seek inventive new products that focus on ear and eye care, first aid, hot-cold pain management, medication aids, foot care, baby, cough, cold and allergy. In short: your innovative consumer healthcare invention ideas you?d want to buy at CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and your neighborhood grocery or drug store.

In an effort to inspire the creation of potential new products for Health Enterprises, college students – the same kinds of creative college students that are behind so many of groundbreaking innovations – were asked to identify problems they wish could be solved by a company like Health Enterprises. ????

Here are some of their best ideas!


Bad Breath Checker


Halitosis seems to sneak up on us in the most dire of situations. The minty fresh tang of this morning?s long forgotten brushed teeth always manages to transform just moments before your first date with the girl from your english class. Imagine being able to identify and prevent those embarrassing close quarters encounters. ?


A way to make socks smell better without washing them


We all have had our run-ins with smelly feet. ?On many occasions, if we even take the time to complete the agonizing task of washing a pair of socks once, they still smell afterwards. ?


Shoe moisture eater


Speaking of smelly things, we have all forgone socks in an effort to maintain the style of a low cut pair of shoes. ?However, this often leaves the soles of our shoes damp and uncomfortable. ?

Removes deodorant from clothing


There is little more frustrating than the embarrassing white trail that deodorant leaves on your shirt, except maybe trying to remove those deodorant stains afterwards. ?

Customized gauze and bandages


We?ve all seen a proud third grader sporting their Star Wars band aid covering the fresh prick of his or her tetanus shot. ?However, there is no way for adults to proudly display their personalized bandages. ?Imagine a girl with a fresh burn using a Lilly Pulitzer patterned strip of gauze as an accessory rather than just a stark white mesh cloth. ?


Disposable pillow cases


The prolonged use of pillow cases can cause the fabric they are made from to build up with the oil from your face which can lead to bad skin and acne. ?But what college student has time to do their laundry?!?


Breathalyzer Keychain


How many lives could be saved and and accidents avoided if understanding your level of inebriation was as simple as using a breathalyzer attached to the keys of your car.




Feeling inspired to submit an idea to Health Enterprises? This search is open until Monday, March 14!

Learn more and submit.


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  1. Alli G

    Haha! I feel like I’m having a brush with my past college self! My past self says: Bad breath: Never underestimate the power of a toothbrush! Sock smell: Get new ones at the Dollar Store (This works for underwear, too. Actually…. after becoming a fully functioning stable adult, the same theory applies, but you can upgrade to Target brands. Don’t judge me.) Shoe moisture: Flip flops. When the pillow case gets nappy: Flip it over. Whole new pillow for at least another three months! Breathalyzer: If you got money for booze, you got money for socks and a toothbrush, Homie! 🙂

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