Boston America Licenses New Invention Idea from Edison Nation!

Boston America Licenses New Invention Idea from Edison Nation!


When it comes to licensing an invention idea, sometimes it is all about waiting for the right place and the right time. No one knows this better than innovation partners Adam Adams and Bill Ward?who realized success from Boston America’s search for new candy packaging innovations.

Before we dive into the story of their licensing success, let?s take a look back at where Adam and Bill?s collaboration started…

While they are now located on opposite ends of the country, Adam in San Mateo, Calif., and Bill in Ravenel, S.C., just outside of Charleston, Adam and Bill met in college and both majored in Natural Resources. After college, they began an annual tradition of a fly fishing trip, and it was on these trips that they decided to partner as innovators. Currently, Adam is focusing on product development full time, and Bill runs a rapid prototyping business, when he?s not in Ecuador managing restaurants he owns there.

Now, back to Boston America?

The idea Boston America ultimately licensed was created almost 10 years ago. Adam and Bill’s?licensing agent at the time encouraged them to come up with candy concepts as they were quick to market and several of the major toy manufacturers were getting into the game. Adam and Bill worked on clever candy designs that gave them immediate or lasting play value. With this concept specifically, they were going for as much of a ?gross-out? factor as possible.

Then, in 2006 and 2007, the recession happened, and due to this, for nearly a decade, this concept (among many others), sat on the shelf. When the Boston America Search was announced, they saw their chance to give these ideas a second chance. Ironically, the idea chosen for a licensing was almost not submitted because at first blush, it didn?t seem like a good fit. At the time, Adam recalled that he felt it would be the least likely to make it in comparison to their other ideas. Lesson learned.

Adam and Bill shared some other great advice when asked about their journey so far:

Don?t fall in love with your ideas, instead fall in love with the process.

Have lots of ideas.

Construct your life to maximize your creativity: sleep, diet, people, exercise, quiet, etc.

Be persistent and remember that timing is everything.

Congratulations Adam and Bill!

Have you ever thought, ?wouldn?t it be cool if???

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16 Comments Boston America Licenses New Invention Idea from Edison Nation!

  1. tony lytle

    I remember the economy crashing in the fall of 2008.
    2006 was good for me and 2007 was even better. I hired two extra guys back then. 2008 was taking off like a rocket. Then, about Oct. of 2008, the bottom dropped out. By the end of 2008, I let both of my employees go and even had to lay myself off. We were on track to do a million dollars in sales. As it happened, we only did $650,000.00 in 2008. $90,000.00 in 2009
    I’ll never forget 2008

  2. Davea0511

    Way to stick it out. I also remember 2008. It was when my business hit a wall and I should’ve called it quits, but instead hemhoraged for 4 more years. Learned the hard way when to do a major course correction and the value of market research and customer interviews.

  3. Berris-Dale Joseph

    Beautiful work inspired by a beautiful thought from two beautiful minds, Adam and Bill.

  4. James C Bailey

    This is powerful in every way. My inspiration meter is pegging out on the positive side. Keep up the fantastic work, Adam and Bill, and may the tidal wave of success take you to the top of the surf.

  5. Katrina

    Awesome! I too submitted to that search… ‘Pen Pod’ – a pen that you can store mints, candy etc,,, so
    If in class or a meeting – not so awkward to pull a mint out – without going through backpack, briefcase or purse for something to chew on.,. Atlas I believe there is a large kid type version of this..
    I am a thinker – and I have many ideas which I have written In notebooks over the years – yet I have yet to follow through. it seems tricky to protect and find a trustworthy company to help with process.
    I worry about protecting my ideas safely while I have it made and patented..

    Is this one of your first ideas that you have patented and made it to market..,?
    Congratulations ! (Are you in the Boston area?,,, I live about 25 miles from Boston. Best

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