InvENtor Spotlight: A Q&A with Adam Wild

InvENtor Spotlight: A Q&A with Adam Wild


For our January Inventor Spotlight, we?re highlighting Adam Wild! Adam has been an active Edison Nation member since 2013 and an Insider since 2014!

Sand Dunes

We wanted to get to know Adam a bit better to learn about his background and his EN experiences so far?

Where is your hometown? ?

Pinckney, Michigan – about 15 minutes from Ann Arbor. GO BLUE!

Where do you currently reside?

Grand Rapids, Michigan.

What is your professional background?

Currently I’m paid as a nightclub DJ. I’ve also been a bartender, managed restaurants and worked at Grand Valley State University in the Audio Video department as an install tech. During high school I worked at a pet store, and a local golf course as the “cart boy.”

How did you initially hear about Edison Nation?

I was searching for “product brokers” online and came across EN.

Have you ever collaborated with another inventor(s) on a project? If so, how was that experience for you?

So far no collaboration on any inventions, but I’m open to it if the opportunity is right.

What are some general industry trends you have noticed recently?

I study a lot of the kitchen, electronic and beverage/supplement products. What I’ve seen is a massive increase in virtual/augmented reality, drones and wearable tech in electronics.

The kitchen industry seems to be leaning toward?food grade silicone products and anything that makes cooking or prepping simpler.

For functional beverages and supplements, the organic, sustainable and probiotics products are still rising in popularity.

Do you find that invention ideas come to you or do you have to go after them?

Both. Searches on EN help me “go after” ideas. I’ll sit down and brainstorm onto a page to see what comes of it. ?Other times, I’ll just be sitting around or taking a shower when an idea hits me out of nowhere.

What advice would you share with others also on the inventing journey?

Keep inventing, try to come up with at least a few ideas for each EN search. If there aren’t any sponsored searches, challenge yourself to redesign a product that’s already on the market or come up with a totally new idea.

Don’t forget that coming up with the idea is the easy part, taking the next steps of researching, brainstorming, prototyping, having a sell sheet and contacting companies is what makes you an inventor. ?

If you find yourself with a ton of ideas, organize them into folders. Simple advice, but believe me it’s way better than having your inventions scattered into a thousand pieces of loose paper.

What are some other fun facts about yourself that you’d like to share with the EN community?

I’ve always been very competitive against my own skill. This internal drive has led me down some interesting paths including?competing in a?high school track & field national championship with a 4 x 200 meter relay team?and?taking major leadership roles in college including VP of Communications, VP of Programming, President and eventually President of the Alumni Volunteer association for Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity at Grand Valley State University.

As a DJ I’ve played in front of approximately a half a million people, starting out 10 years ago with zero experience and falling into the role while I was a bartender at?a busy spot in town. Mixing music live for a crowd of people is quite an adrenaline rush.

Growing up I’ve had a lot of pets, currently with 2 dogs, an 18-year-old pug rescue, my eight-year-old boxer, and a veiled chameleon named Einstein. In the past I tried my hand at keeping and breeding some rare reptiles.


I estimate at one point I had over 100 reptiles in my parents house. Mom, I love you! I can’t believe you put up with that, haha.

Adam - collage

What inspired you to start inventing?

I’m always curious and inspired by how things work and what can come out of just putting pencil to paper. Also, the idea of making passive income has been a goal and journey of mine for a few years now, invention royalties fit this category.

When did you come up with your first great idea?

I was probably 12 or 13 years old using a wheelbarrow all day long to dump dirt. As a little kid, dumping the dirt was tough and I thought of a few ways to make it easier.

Thinking back, there were a lot of missed opportunities growing up to capitalize on my ideas, largely from not knowing what the invention process was or that it even existed. There were a lot of great tech ideas I came up with during college but they sat in project folders, were handed in to professors for grades and never left the ground. ?Now there’s big companies selling similar ideas. ?Live and learn.

You have been an EN member since 2013, can you provide us with some details around your experiences and journey to date?

For the cost of $25 a submission, don’t second guess your idea – just submit it and see what happens. My most off-the-wall, crazy ideas are the ones I think, “should I submit this?” and a few have ended up going G7.

Learning from others puts you leaps and bounds beyond what you could learn by finding it yourself. Being a part of the EN community has been amazing and will teach you just about everything you need to know about inventing. I’m certain in the years to come I’ll continue learning more and more every day.

What I’ve learned in the forums is likely worth the cost of tuition at any school. I wish innovation and invention was a class we all took at age five, but stumbling upon this knowledge in my early 30’s has been a blessing. It’s keeping the creative mind sharp and persistence up. Gotta keep at it to make it happen. ?

I love that Edison Nation keeps things fresh with new searches almost every month, including some very exciting ones. My favorites since joining have been HoloLens, NASA?MindShift, and the search for CNBC’s?Make Me a Millionaire Inventor. Sitting in on the live chat with NASA about their technology and having them answer my questions was absolutely surreal. Eventually becoming a finalist in that search is what I claim as my highest accomplishment as an inventor so far.

Thank you Adam for sharing a bit of your story with us and we wish you luck for that G8!

Happy Inventing!

Have you ever thought, ?wouldn?t it be cool if???


We exist to get product ideas out of your head and onto retail shelves,?all at no risk to you.

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