Improve Your ASOTV Idea With These Quick Tips

Improve Your ASOTV Idea With These Quick Tips

Ever wonder what?we’re really looking for when it comes to an ASOTV product idea?

Today?I?m here to give you a few quick tips to help you supercharge those As Seen on TV idea submissions–Video Blog Style. Boom.

#1 It?s helpful to have a product idea that solves a specific problem.

The bigger the problem, the better!?For Eggies, it was ?never peel hard boiled eggs again?. Ideas that solve a problem do really well in our department. Of course, there are exceptions.

#2 Keep it simple.

Ideas that try to do too many things are generally not a great way to go. An example would be a spoon, that?s also a can opener, that?s also a knife, that?s also a straw? that?s cool, but, that would just come across as really confusing in a quick commercial. As a general rule of thumb, you should be able to use it in 3 simple steps – ?Just crack, boil, and twist!?

#3 Finally, make sure it?s something that can be demonstrated quickly and clearly.

Maybe you have an amazing idea, but that doesn?t necessarily mean it?s great for TV – unless it?s something you can really SHOW and demonstrate visually. Show us the WOW factor of your idea with a video, if you can – even if you?re just using a rough mock-up to get the point across. We want to see it!

I hope that helps to point you in the right direction and we can?t wait to see what you come up with.

Don’t forget:

Our big ASOTV meeting is Thursday, January 28th. If you’d like for the team to discuss your idea–make sure you submit to any ASOTV search by?Monday, January 25th to be considered!

Ready to WOW the Nation? Submit today.


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  1. Jacob Downey

    I like the video tips. Very engaging, and inspiring.

    …maybe a different color shawl…(or a different color wall;)

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