Health Enterprises is searching for consumer healthcare invention ideas

Health Enterprises is searching for consumer healthcare invention ideas


Health Enterprises designs, develops and manufactures innovative consumer healthcare products sold in leading retailers across the globe under the ACU-Life brand, as well as private label.

Take a quick trip to your neighborhood Walgreens, Publix, Rite Aid and/or CVS… you’ve likely seen many of their products on store shelves.?Therapy Brace

This isn’t the first time the Health Enterprises team has come to Edison Nation. Last year, they held a search with sister brand, Edison Nation Medical, for foot care innovations. Edison Nation member, Greg Myracle’s mother, Judy Knez, identified a need and invented a solution for that need. She submitted her idea and Health Enterprises licensed the invention.

This time around, they’re going broader than foot care.

In their search, they are hoping to find meaningful new consumer healthcare innovations. Consider Health Enterprises’ product specialities and think like Judy: where is there a need? A pain? How can my invention idea displace what’s currently on the shelf? What’s NOT currently on the CVS shelf that needs to be there?

True Easy Syringe

Keep your focus on: ear & eye care, 1st aid, hot-cold pain management, medication aids (think: pillboxes, pill splitters and such), foot care, baby, and cough, cold & allergy.

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Ultra Wrap


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