Edison Nation ASOTV: The Sheet Tamer Evolution

Edison Nation ASOTV: The Sheet Tamer Evolution

The Taming of the Sheets

Alli G.?s ASOTV submission – fantastically dubbed the ?Fastest Easiest Bedsheet Holder Ever!? – made its way through our system in the fall of 2014, and we are proud to say it is finally (finally!) enjoying its time in the ASOTV spotlight. Her idea evolved into what is now the latest and greatest device to tame those unruly bed sheets and make them stay put on your bed every night!

Sheet Tamer ASOTV image

So, what happened between now and then? Glad you asked!

As soon as our selection team gave the ?Fastest Easiest Bedsheet Holder Ever!? the green light, the wheels started turning in the design and engineering lab. We identified what was good about the Alli??s original prototype, and took an honest look at what was bad about it. We loved how easy it was to use, but we weren?t thrilled with the tiny pin-holes it left behind in the bed sheets. Alli?s Fastest Easiest Bedsheet Holder Ever gave us a spark, and we wanted to explore what it could evolve into if given the attention by our ASOTV product development team. ?

Alli G.'s original prototype

We evaluated similar products to see what we were up against. We were eager to find out what issues bugged consumers the most about using similar products. This meant reading reviews? lots of reviews? and one complaint was pretty clear: ?Too difficult to use!?. Other products required users to lift up the entire mattress or carefully feed sheet edges through tiny channels, and re-do this every time they change their sheets. Uncool. We can do better!

Next, it was time to roll up our sleeves, break out the hot glue gun and set to work making crude mockups based on Alli?s prototype to test out on real-life beds with real-life unruly sheets. One by one these mock-ups were tweaked, scrapped, remade, tucked, untucked, twisted and refined until FINALLY the infamous ?Sheet Tamer? was born. The image, below, shows the evolution from start to finish.

The product evolution of the Sheet Tamer

Check out the first version of the TV spot here!

A new version of the spot – revised offer only – is testing now and we hope to have additional updates on Sheet Tamer to share by early February!


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7 Comments Edison Nation ASOTV: The Sheet Tamer Evolution

  1. Frank White

    Excellent concept and execution; congratulations Alli and EN!! Here’s to the successful testing!

  2. Fran

    I have one of the adjustable bed and my sheets started to pop loose everytime I got in and out of the bed. I have no idea what has happened because I buy really good sheets with deep pockets. I would love to try these sheet tamers out but not if they are going to damage my sheets that I paid a lot of money for. Can you let me know if the new updated sheet savers are on the market now please?

    Thank you
    Fran P

  3. Laura Lynch

    That’s what is SO great about Sheet Tamers – they work simply by using spring-force to hold your sheets on. No pins, no clips, no sticky stuff – just the forces of physics! Sheet Tamers will definitely not damage your sheets.

  4. James C. Bailey

    Congratulations Alli! Excellent idea. Hoping for mega-success in the market for you.

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