Edison Nation ASOTV is looking for your health & beauty inventions for TV

Edison Nation ASOTV is looking for your health & beauty inventions for TV

Health & Beauty is one of the top-selling categories in the ASOTV industry with many items achieving millions of units sold. Have you heard of the Ped Egg? Thought so. Think about it: the Ped Egg solves the ASOTV puzzle. The features and benefits are clear (buh bye callouses!), the product has mass appeal (all feet – whether male or female, old or young, sporty and non sporty – could benefit from a sole touch up), and it’s unique! Aside from a pumice stone, when have you seen an invention smooth away rough, cracking heels like the Ped Egg?

The Edison Nation ASOTV team is now looking for your smart, simple solutions to everyday challenges in the Health & Beauty category.

Within this broad product category of health and beauty, you’ll find massage, skin care, nail care, foot care, hair trimming and/or independent or assisted living innovations. What’s the new, next best thing within this category? The next Ped Egg or Naked Nails?


Keep in mind these three points when submitting your ASOTV invention:

  • Can your product’s benefits be effectively demonstrated on TV?
  • Does your product have mass appeal?
  • Is your invention idea unique or novel?

The ASOTV team will be meeting on January 28 to review select TV-ready ideas. If you’d like to have your idea evaluated ahead of this meeting, be sure to submit before January 21. Can’t meet this timeline? No worries. This search ends on February 29, and all ideas will be reviewed for their ASOTV potential.


We ask for well-communicated ideas. This includes filling out our easy-to-use submission form to the best of your ability. Upload images, sketches and any other media that support your idea. Tell us why your idea is better than anything else on the market. We even encourage you to create a video demonstrating your innovation. Don?t worry. We aren?t expecting a big-budget production. Please keep videos to less than 2 minutes.

As always, your submission should be unique and protectable (we love to see patented ideas but that certainly isn?t required). Each idea costs just $25 ($20 for Edison Insiders) to submit.

Edison Nation will accept and review your:



Do you have a Health & Beauty idea for the ASOTV team?

?Have you ever thought, ?wouldn?t it be cool if???

License Product?License product?License product

We exist to get product ideas out of your head and onto retail shelves, all at no risk to you.


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4 Comments Edison Nation ASOTV is looking for your health & beauty inventions for TV

  1. Mary Linda Carolina

    This is more a question than a comment. I have at least 10 ideas and I could benefit from working with you all, I am sure. My questions are: (1) should I submit only one idea at a time, (2) submit multiple ideas in a single submission or (3) should ideas be sent to distinct groups (i.e., products used in the health care, products used in beauty, etc.). I would like to update my email address to carolinaeckelsconsulting@gmail.com.

    Thank you in advance for your time and kindest consideration.

    Mary Linda Carolina, Owner
    Carolina Eckels Consulting
    (843) 472-1135 cell or (843) 413-3215 office

  2. Mary Dickson

    Hi Mary Linda, thank you for reaching out to Edison Nation! We ask that you submit each unique idea individually. If you take a look at our main Searches page (www.edisonnation.com/searches) you’ll find the specific searches we’re hosting. If you don’t see a search that’s a fit for your idea(s), you are welcome to submit to our Open Search (www.edisonnation.com/open-search). During the submission process you’ll be asked what product category your idea serves — here you’ll be able to select beauty, health, and so forth. If you’d like to update your email address, please login to your Edison Nation account and click “Edit Profile.” I hope this helps! If you have further questions, please find us at questions@edisonnation.com. Thank you!

  3. Mr Taser Mevlit

    Hi Edison nation

    I would like to say I have a few ideas,But don’t know which to start with,
    And is there any hidden stuff I need to know,like costs and procedures

    Thank you for your time


  4. Mary Dickson

    Hi Taser, welcome to Edison Nation! If you have an idea you’d like to submit to our team, I invite you to check out our Searches page: http://www.edisonnation.com/searches. We always run an Open Search for new consumer product ideas, which may be a great place for you to start. Edison Nation charges a one-time $25 submission fee. Once an idea is submitted, we’ll put it through our 8-stage review. You’ll be able to follow along on your dashboard as your idea moves through this evaluation. If you have further questions, please do check out our FAQ page, which is a great guide for frequently asked questions: http://www.edisonnation.com/faq. Upon your review here, please direct any new questions to questions@edisonnation.com. Thank you Taser, and best of luck!

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