Edison Nation ASOTV in 2016

Edison Nation ASOTV in 2016

It?s 2016, and what would a new year be without a little bit of change?

We?re going to be changing the look and feel of how the Edison Nation ASOTV process will work for you. As you know, when a search ends, innovations in Stage 7 are shown to the search sponsor in a presentation. For the ASOTV team, this presentation happens every three months.

Each quarter, leaders from the ASOTV industry gather at Edison Nation HQ to review finalists from the ASOTV search. These leaders are the best in the business and each bring with them between 20-30 years of experience in the ASOTV industry — whether that?s in script writing, film production, DRTV marketing, sourcing and more. We wish we could show you what happens in these meetings, but as many of the conversations are around the ideas themselves, the details must remain confidential. But rest assured: every idea is debated, ideated and brainstormed to full consideration. The first such meeting of 2016 is happening on January 28!

Since these meetings happen on a quarterly basis, we wanted to align our searches that way, too. As such, the current ASOTV search will close on Monday, January 25, at Midnight PST just ahead of the first big team meeting. The official Q1 search will reopen on Monday, February 1 and will run until Monday, April 4. The rest of the year will proceed along the following schedule:

Q1 – February 1 through April 4

Q2 – April 11 through July 11

Q3 – July 18 through October 3

Q4 – October 10 through January 2, 2017

As always, we?ll keep you updated on results, selections and behind-the-scenes action (where we can!) on the website, the blog and in the forums.

The ASOTV industry is changing. The way in which consumers consume content and media is changing. The Edison Nation ASOTV team (along with our partners) is staying on top of these industry trends. We?re also always trying to strike a balance between what we can share with you all versus what we have to stay mum on to protect the integrity of the ASOTV spot.

This past year, we haven’t been able to show you the amount of testing, surveying and product development that?s been going on at HQ. Well, that?s going to change. We currently have eight products in the queue waiting for their big moment in the ASOTV media test spotlight. Once these products have been tested, we?re going to share the work with you so that you can see not only the before and after, but the investment of time and resources we put behind ideas selected for the ASOTV platform.

First up? Alli G.?s Fastest Easiest Bedsheet Holder Ever. Stay tuned for our upcoming post with Laura Lynch, our Director of ASOTV Product Development, as she shares the before and after Cinderella story of Alli’s innovation.

Following Alli G.’s story, we’ll be taking a look at the entire queue of ASOTV spots we’ll be rolling out in the next few weeks.


Have an ASOTV idea that has been just waiting to be shared? Get it submitted before the January 25 deadline for consideration at our team meeting!

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  1. Lawrence Abaku

    I have tried three times to fill out your submission forms in the past two years but computer could not send because form is extensive and demand much info. I really have INVENTED POWERFUL BREAKTHROUGH HEALTH SOLUTIONS. SOME HAVE BEEN SUBMITED BUT HAVE NOT I have not been contacted

  2. Michelle

    Lawrence, Adrian and Lorna, thank you for your comments! You are all welcome to sign up (if you haven’t already) for free Edison Nation accounts. Once you do this, to submit an idea, please click on “Submit an Idea” or click on “Submit Your Idea” on the header of this page, and you’ll be taken through our process. To learn more about our process, we invite you to check out the Edison Nation Help Page here: http://www.edisonnation.com/faq.

    Lawrence, yes, our submission form is extensive, but we require this information in order to perform a thorough evaluation.

    Best of luck to all!

  3. Michelle

    Hi Jason!
    It is likely that your product, if it is still green on your Dashboard, is being surveyed. To learn more, please visit your Edison Nation Dashboard for updates.
    Best of luck!

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