‘Tis the season: 25 Days of 520 Elliot

‘Tis the season: 25 Days of 520 Elliot

‘Tis the season for tips + tricks! Introducing the 25 Days of 520 Elliot.

The team at 520 Elliot sure does love our holidays. One Easter, we created?Eggies Easter baskets?that were Pinterest-worthy (not to pat ourselves on the back, but come on. Look at those cuties).

Eggies7 (Copy)

We appreciate a good luau (with food and cold beverages) during the?dog days of summer.

Seasons Greetings from 520 Elliot: Luau time

We all also love our annual holiday party, where Kara Sheaffer whips up something festive for the occasion, including silly decorations to play with.

holiday party picture

This year, we’re putting an innovation spin on the traditional advent calendar with the 25 Days of 520 Elliot. The challenge for our team was to think of a work or play-related skill that could be filmed and shared with you all in approximately two minutes. The goal? To share tips that are fun, entertaining and hopefully useful for you. Plus, you can get to know each of us a little bit better along the way.

Day 1 kicks off with our director of product development for Edison Nation ASOTV, Laura Lynch. She shows how you can fix a prototype using baking soda and super glue. How cool is that? Watch her work tip here.

Hope you all enjoy each day of the 25 Days of 520 Elliot! We’re so excited to share it with you.


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