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You never know when you?ll need a pair of scissors, a sharp edge, serated knife, wire cutter or a bottle opener. Things break and repairs are needed on the go all the time. It?s in these moments when having a multitool product is extremely useful, because let?s face it? we?re not all like MacGyver.

Swiss+Tech??produces high-quality, lightweight tools that combine Swiss craftsmanship with American innovation. The original?Swiss+Tech??Micro-Tech??6-in-1 created the Key Ring Tool category. The company has since gone on to break new ground in the multifunctional tool department with such additions as the?Utili-Key??6-in-1 and the?Micro-Max??19-in-1.

MicroTech COMBO-1? ? ?Micro-Max on keys

To date, Swiss+Tech generates all products internally, but the market demands for them to be at the forefront of innovation. This is where the Edison Nation community can step in.

Swiss+Tech?s product offering goes beyond key ring tools today. Flip through?this catalog and you?ll find a focus on emergency preparedness, mobile technology, USB-powered tools and a new line of larger, ?palm grip? tools. Swiss+Tech is searching for innovations that can be marketed under their brand, which can include multitools and/or products that carve out a whole new category or product line.

Your ideas should:

?Have a ?wow? factor and be useful and cool

?Appeal to a wide consumer audience and demographic

?Have everyday applications

?Be an impulse buy

Keep in mind:

Any innovations considered by the Swiss+Tech team will be analyzed to ensure they are economically viable. What does this mean? Impulse buy products typically retail for $9.99, $14.99 and $19.99. Your ideas should feature an all-in manufacturing cost of $4 to be a viable option for Swiss+Tech.

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