Second idea licensed to Norpro, Congratulations Aubrey Avila!


As a busy mom, Aubrey Avila is always looking for ways to simplify everyday tasks. When she was experimenting with a new type of dessert and found it difficult to make, she saw a challenge, got to work on a prototype and did not stop until she perfected it. The folks at Norpro agreed almost immediately after the idea was pitched to them and licensed Aubrey?s idea.

This is Aubrey?s first Edison Nation licensing deal and the second deal between Edison Nation and Norpro! Back in 2012, Norpro licensed Kenny Orr’s Sizzling Pepper Griddle!

Aubrey initially submitted her idea to the Edison Nation ASOTV search, where it was chosen for testing and awarded a G8. Unfortunately, following testing, the idea did not meet the criteria required to push to retail launch on the platform. But as you know, the Edison Nation team does not give up in our efforts to find the best path of commercialization. The product idea was transferred to the Licensing Team and they found a home for it with Norpro.

?Don’t give up!? Aubrey tells inventors looking for that first deal, ?For me it’s taken hard work, patience and persistence. Inventing is like raising children, it’s fun, it’s challenging, some days you love every second of it and other days end in tears, but you keep at it because you love it! Just like parenting, it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but also the most rewarding. And you hope that this little idea you gave birth to, will grow into something fabulous one day, and you can send it out into the world, and it will be successful.? ???

?Usually one idea leads to another. You never know where inventing will lead you.? ?

Congratulations Aubrey!

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13 Comments Second idea licensed to Norpro, Congratulations Aubrey Avila!

  1. Otto

    Aubrey,You inspire us all! So what is your new food idea ? We are hungry already. I have heard 99% failure is success, that 1% keeps us in the game.Thank you for your success story.Otto

  2. Sarena

    Go Aubrey !!! So proud of you honey. You may have at times felt to stop. Yet such a blessing when we never give up. So Awesome!!!

  3. Curtis Harvel

    Thank You Aubrey for keeping me mentally thinking I am still in the (waiting) game. As a previous Ironman and Marathoner I have mastered the keeping moving forward component. But the emotional ups and downs of the patenting process, meeting new customers and now with the lack of sleep is very grueling. Of course you just had to have all the fun once again. Which I could see that happing to me as well. You are an amazing role model for us and your family. You Go Girl!

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