10 Resources for Inventors to Transform an Idea into a Product

The days of cantankerous, electrical-socket-haired inventors locked away in their workshops are over. Modern invention hinges on the collaboration and funding that comes with the resources that are available today. Innovative apps, websites and programs are being created to help inventors receive funding, advice, production, marketing and more. These resources make it easier than ever for inventors to transform an idea into a product.

Here are ten resources that are helping inventors become successful:

1. Inpama
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Inpama.com is a marketplace to sell inventions and patents. Its goal is to provide inventors a platform to sell and market their inventions on their own. Inpama does not charge any commission or fees from inventors or invention seekers.

2. Google Docs and Spreadsheets
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Google Docs and Spreadsheets allow multiple users to access and edit a document or spreadsheet at the same time from any location.

3. Zoho DB
Zoho allows you to create a complex database online that helps you to track every detail regarding your invention including contacts, documents, drawings and more.

4. Taking the Mystery out of Copyrights
The Library of Congress recently conducted an informative session available on their website for students and teachers to explain the complex process of obtaining a copyright.

5. Google Patents
Google patents is a search engine that allows you to search through a database of patents.

6. Kickstarter
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Kickstarter is a global crowdfunding platform that allows anybody to pledge money to any project or technology that they believe in.

7. Assembly
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Assembly allows users to start and grow a community that gets things done. Assembly helps you to find and stay connected, discuss ideas and share goals with your new friends.

8. IP Watchdog
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IPWatchdog.com is the leading Intellectual Property Law Blog on the Internet.

9. AKT IP Ventures
AKT IP Ventures is a 360? incubator that takes a disciplined approach to transforming innovative ideas, based on patents, into successful businesses.

10. Sparks by Edison Nation
The Sparks app is the fastest and easiest way for innovators to record new product ideas. The top product ideas are pitched for licensing opportunities, and if a licensing deal is reached, the inventor receives 50% of all royalties.

You can take advantage of this inventor’s resource right now by visiting http://www.edisonnation.com/ios-idea-app and download the Sparks app to begin sharing your revolutionary ideas with Edison Nation today!