Why There is No Better Time Than Now to be an Inventor


Anyone in any place can become a successful inventor. As Alfred Nobel will tell you, all it takes is a dynamite idea. Because of innovation in the field of invention it is easier than ever to take a clever concept from its creator’s mind, fabricate a prototype, fund its creation, construct a product, and to bring that product to market.

Even a sketch on the back of a napkin can be transformed into a prototype. It has never been easier to fabricate a concept from its rawest state using the technology that inventors have available to them today. With the emergence of 3D printing, innovations in vacuum forming and laser jets, all it takes is a digital file to bring designs to life that would never have been possible just a decade ago.

In a recent project Honda has taken concept car designs from previous decades and fabricated them using an affordable ?household? 3D printer in an effort to demonstrate how the most extravagant and unorthodox designs can be created in any imaginative person?s living room.

When we conjure a mental image of an inventor it is traditionally a wiry haired engineer locked away in a workshop struggling through the trial and error process of invention. However, today we have tools that allow you to access any other person on the planet via email, FaceTime, or even by a simple phone call.

Tools like Google Docs allow people who are countries and oceans apart to create and edit presentations, documents and data sheets simultaneously.

Companies like Edison Nation and Assembly help inventors to connect with developers, engineers, designers, marketers, writers and other creatives to help with any step between an idea’s conception and its sale on the market.

There is a surplus of resources available to help inventors and entrepreneurs that provide support and patent information.

Everyday Edisons, a television show that helps ordinary people take a simple idea and turn it into a product, offers methods of getting into contact with groups of inventors located near you for support and advice.

Web sites like IP Watchdog and Google Patents offer inventors information on patents, patent law, how and when to apply for a patent and much more so they can better protect their intellectual property.

Inventors are no longer solely responsible for the funding of their ideas. Entrepreneurs are not forced to turn towards banks for a loan or plead with big businesses for start-up money. Web sites like Kickstarter, companies like AKT IP Ventures and shows like Shark Tank are making it easier for anyone, anywhere to fund ideas that they believe in. Personal Bankruptcy is no longer as high a risk.

In 2012 smartwatch creators developed the idea for Pebble, a watch that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Pebble creators knew they had a great idea, they just didn’t know how to fund it. Pebble turned to Kickstarter, a website that allows anyone to donate any amount of money towards an idea they believe in and pitched their ideas to the public. After receiving a record-breaking response, Pebble received over 10 million in funding.

Advertising/Marketing Channels.
All you need is a hook and websites like Facebook and Twitter provide a free platform for exposing a catchy idea to the masses. Social media is making it easier than ever to get information to people.

A recent 2014 campaign to raise money for ALS, the ice bucket challenge, utilized social media to relay their infectious message. It was seen by 440 million people.

You have the potential to reach a drastic amount of the population with a successful product video, campaign, slogan or design without spending a dime.

Because of technology, collaboration, resources, funding, advertising and marketing channels it is faster, easier and more effectual than ever to successfully execute the production of an idea.


?Have you ever thought, ?wouldn?t it be cool if???

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  1. Tom wilson

    I have a new invention that helps landscapers does someone buy it or do I get a company to build them

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  3. Gonzalo Costilla Jr

    Hello. My name is Gonzalo Costilla Jr President / Inventor Of Martial Arts Fitness Products. A small company that has developed a two part light weight double ended two part punching bag. You can use six different set up’s. For Martial Arts, Boxing, Kick boxing, beginner’s aerobic exercise, great for women & children for self defense training.

    I do have prototypes developed and work great.
    My product name. Dragon Bag Training System. You can find me on YOUTUBE. Under martialartsfitnessproducts, dragonbagtrainingsystem. What I’m seeking? Is investors, manufactures, etc…… Thanks For your time. Gonzalo Jr

  4. Michelle

    Hi Gonzalo!

    Thank you for reaching out to Edison Nation!

    If you?d like to submit your idea to our team, you may do so by creating a free account on EdisonNation.com and submitting your idea to one of our searches – http://www.edisonnation.com/searches. Our system is secure and confidential.

    If you have further questions, please don?t hesitate to reach out to us at questions@edisonnation.com.

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