Ten Aha! Moments We are Lucky Were Not Forgotten

TenAhaMoments2Modern technology has simplified our lives drastically. Over the last decade, we?ve seen remarkable changes. You can now open your laptop and access Facebook on the Internet in a matter of seconds. Just a few years ago you would have endured the twenty minutes of dial-up beeping that resembled a hungover alarm clock just to check your MySpace account. There are countless inventions and innovations that are present in each day of your life. However, many of these technologies and ideas can be traced back to just a few aha! moments from a fraction of our population.

New products are released constantly. The opportunity for invention and innovation is at an all-time high. You never know when you might happen upon an idea for the next big ?thing?. Now it is more crucial than ever that apps like Edison Nation?s Sparks are available so you are prepared for when an aha! moment presents itself.

Here are ten aha! moments we are lucky were not forgotten:

  1. Eureka!

While taking a bath Archimedes discovered the Archimedes Principle, a method of measuring the volume of irregular shapes with water displacement. He was so excited that he forgot to dress himself and took to the streets of Italy exclaiming, ?Eureka!?, Greek for “I have found it.” Edison Nation and the Sparks team are not liable for any incarceration that may occur if following in Archimedes? naked footsteps; a few laws have changed since the 1600?s.

  1. Gravity

Sir Isaac Newton was resting in the shade of an apple tree when one of the most important aha! moments in history literally hit him over the head. He observed that an apple will always fall perpendicularly from its tree. This realization led him to uncover the law of gravity.


  1. Penicillin

While studying staphylococcus, a genus of bacteria, Alexander Fleming discovered one of the most critical antibiotics in history. After returning to his messy lab from vacation, many of Fleming?s petri dishes had grown moldy. Fleming noticed that the mold had prevented the natural growth of the staphylococcus and derived penicillin from the investigation.


  1. The Microwave

While Percy Spencer was working with combat radar equipment for WWII, he was able to revolutionize the way we prepare food. While standing in front of an active radar set, the candy bar in Spencer?s pocket melted. This instant lead to the revelation of the microwave oven.


  1. Potato Chips

In the 1850?s George Crum, a renowned chef, was attracting upscale customers to Moon?s Lake House from around the country. It was there that a particularly snobby customer complained that Crum?s fried potatoes were too thick, soggy and bland. In an effort to spite the guest, Crum over fried and salted the thinnest potatoes that he could slice. To his surprise, the guest loved them so much that he ordered a second helping. Voila! Potato chips were born.


  1. Play-Doh

During the first half of the 20th-century coal was commonly used to heat homes. Noah and Joseph McVicker, employees of a soap manufacturer, came up with a pliable material to remove the soot from wallpaper. Shortly after WWII many homes made the switch to natural gas. McVicker?s company was forced to remarket their product to avoid bankruptcy. After learning that their sister, a schoolteacher, had been using the material as molding clay in her classroom, they began to sell their creation as ?Play-Doh?.


  1. Velcro

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During a walk in the woods with his dog, Swiss engineer George De Mestral was intrigued by the cockleburs that had adhered to his dog?s fur. After studying this phenomenon under a microscope, De Mestral was able to recreate the properties of the connection between the cocklebur and fur with velvet and crochet, or ?Velcro?.


  1. The Popsicle

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Frank Epperson accidentally invented the popsicle after leaving his flavored powder and water drink concoction outside overnight with its stirring stick. Evening temperatures caused Epperson?s drink to freeze around its stirring stick giving way to the ?Popsicle?.


  1. Matches

While mixing a pot of chemicals, John Walker noticed that a clump had hardened on the end of his stirrer. In an effort to remove the dried glob, he scraped the stick and it quickly caught fire. The calamity produced matches.


  1. Post-its

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Spencer Silver, a 3M chemist, was tasked with creating a strong adhesive for the company. Instead, he made a very weak adhesive. However, the sticky substance was near indestructible, remaining sticky after multiple uses. This was the conception of the post-it note.


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