10 Innovative Composting Ideas

As environmental awareness progresses to the forefront of our moral and political priorities, reducing your environmental footprint is not only cementing itself into our personal lives but into the blueprints of a successful business. People are making a conscious effort to use these principles while spending their money. We are no longer as willing to support companies whose products leave a trail of pollution in their wake. Instead, many consumers are turning towards green businesses and in many cases will go the extra mile, and dollar, to pursue environmentally-friendly products. Never before has transforming the kale that you gave up on trying to eat into a compost pile been more fashionable and important.

Composting, recycling and other organic waste solutions can help to give your business the edge. Unfortunately, it can be a complicated extra step and a sloppy chore. Toter, a conventional green waste handling company, is looking to find and license innovative products, designs and ideas to help consumers and businesses in their quest for environmental integrity. Toter is most interested in tabletop composting solutions but is open to any idea. Products can range from designs intended to aid in the ease of organic waste collection and disposal, or simply a plan to make the process a little less icky.

Here are 10 recent green inventions and innovations to get your creative juices flowing:

1.Envirocycle?s Mini Composter/ Compostmaker
Photo Credit: Envirocyle.com

This product comes pre-assembled, and its compact design allows it to fit in tight garden spaces. Its quick composting cycle takes only four to six weeks.

2. The Jarst mini composter
Photo Credit: Yankodesign.com

This product takes much of the back-breaking yard work out of composting with a flower pot that can rest on any countertop. This design allows users to add cooking scraps as simple as carrot peels to be transformed into fertilizer to help even the peskiest of plants potted there to thrive.

3. NatureMill?s NEO
Photo Credit: NatureMill.com

The NEO takes the hassle out of manual compost mixing with an automatic mixer. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Even the material used in the creation of this product was recycled.

4. Cooler Solutions Inc. idea for the biophilic composting system.
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Photo Credit: Fooyoh.com

This design allows an office to reduce up to 33% of their waste. Organic waste collected from the offices can provide nutrients for indoor plants that help to improve the air quality and atmospheres of the offices the plants were grown.

5. Vermicondo
Photo Credit: Treehugger.com

The vermicondo is the luxury solution to worm composting. Many people who live in apartment buildings or other residences without access to a yard are unable to compost. The product mimics the aesthetics of cabinets and can be stored seamlessly in a kitchen or pantry. This product?s design allows worms, who travel vertically, to break down waste most effectively, but it?s stainless steel exterior is easy on the eye.

6. Hello Compost
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Photo Credit: Fastcodesign.com

Students Luke Keller and Blenkin have plans to reform the way we compost entirely. Instead of using your organic left-overs to create odors and dirty compost, Hello Compost is a composting system that turns waste into food as opposed to leftover food into waste. Families are able to store their green waste in odor- containing freezable bags until they are sent to Project EATS, a New York-based urban agriculture non profit organization, where they are assigned a value and used to grow fresh produce by local farmers. The families are then sent a portion of fresh produce based on that value.

7. The Bokashi Bucket
filling bokashi bucket
Photo Credit: Ecofriend.com

This system involves layering organic waste with a combination of a Bokashi mix that prevents any foul odors. A week after the system has been filled a liquid fertilizer is ready to be harvested from a tap at the base of the bucket and used on plants.

8. The Worm In
Photo Credit: Ecofreind.com

This lightweight PVC based design only needs organic waste and earthworms to work. Over time as you continue to add food scraps the earthworms will travel upwards, leaving hearty compost in their wake. Once the process is completed the bag can easily be removed, cleaned and reattached.

9. Solar Composting
Photo Credit: Wastewiseproductsinc.com

Solar powered composting streamlines the process of organic waste disposal by harnessing the energy of the sun to regulate the temperature and airflow during composting cycles. This process ensures the best quality fertilizer possible.

10. Can-O-Worms Worm Composter
Photo Credit: Ecofriend.com

This design utilizes earthworms and layers of compost to provide nutrient rich fertilizer. The product is odorless and can be easily set up in a backyard, apartment or office.

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