10 Benefits of Composting

America is changing. Our increasing awareness and education regarding our environmental health is causing us to alter our individual lives. Hummers are being replaced with hybrids. Many of us have begun to add grass-fed beef, reclaimed wood, recycled materials and other green products to our shopping carts. However, few of us are aware of the benefits of composting. Composting is one of the most effective environmental protection measures we can take.

Here are ten benefits of composting:

1. Reduces Landfill Waste
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Yard and food scraps make up 25-50% of what we throw away. The EPA estimates that one fourth of waste in our landfills could have been composted. Composting not only removes content from our landfills but utilizes that content.

2. Creates Nutrient Rich Soil
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Composting increases the quality of soil by increasing the amount of organic materials and micronutrients. Farms and gardens will thrive with the addition of compost.

3. Helps to Reduce Gross Greenhouse Gas Emissions
One of the biggest contributors of greenhouse gases, specifically methane, is our landfills. If we composted the organic portion of our waste, we could drastically reduce those emissions.

4. Positively Affects Air Quality
Many people who don?t compost incinerate their yard waste. Burning yard waste can release the harmful chemicals found in fertilizers, weed killers and bug sprays into the air. Many of the chemicals can lead to health problems such as asthma.

5. Averts Garden Pests
Many of the micronutrients in compost have a pesticide-like effect on garden pests. In turn, composting reduces our dependence on harmful chemical pesticides.

6. Neutralizes Soil
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In many cases soil is too acidic or basic for plants to grow properly. Adding compost to soil helps to regulate the acid and alkaline levels in your soil.

7. Increases Biodiversity
Composting attracts many kinds of worms, bacterias, birds, fungi and insects that are beneficial to the crop growing process.

8. Reduces Erosion
Compost helps to reduce erosion by aiding the soil?s ability to hold water. Erosion leads to nutrient lacking soil and polluted water sources.

9. Cheap
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Going green can be expensive. Buying local foods or making the decision to purchase products made in America can cost significantly more than their less-environmentally-friendly counterparts. Composting may only require a purchasing a receptacle to recycle your waste.

10. Cost effective
In many places, in both homes and offices, we are charged based on the amount of trash that we need disposed. If we were able to reduce that amount of trash by composting, it would help to save money.


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