Two More Ideas Selected for As Seen on TV Testing

The Edison Nation As Seen on TV team is on a roll this summer! We just received news that two more ideas have been selected from the?ASOTV Open Search?for commercialization. Meet the inventors below and leave a comment to congratulate them as their ideas undergo ideation, product design and development, commercial production and market testing.

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jill kelly

Jill Kelly

Jill grew up in Palo Alto California in the heart of Silicon Valley, right around the corner from Steve Jobs. She currently resides just east of Sacramento where she makes a living as a gold miner. Jill says she first stumbled upon Edison Nation after watching a video of Betsy Kaufman talk about Eggies. She was immediately inspired by Betsy’s?story and has had many invention ideas come to her in waves ever since, including her recent As Seen on TV selection. Jill says she came up with this particular idea?after exploring creative ways to store things in small spaces.

When she’s not gold mining or inventing, she’s a singer and a writer. She has recorded three CD’s and written two books: one?one titled The Miracle Miner, which documents her gold mining inventions, and the other titled The Movie Maker: Charles O.?Baumann, which is about her great-grandfather who was a silent film pioneer and?movie mogul.

Jill’s advice to aspiring inventors: ?Find the one thing you love to do in life and do it the best you can!?

Fred WherritFred Wherritt

Fred was born and raised in Waterford, Michigan, where he still resides today. After?spending many hours researching how to bring inventions to market, he came across Edison Nation. He finally submitted his first idea?after a year of observing to confirm?it was a company he could really trust.?Since then, Fred says submitting ideas to Edison Nation has become a regular part of his lifestyle and the best decision he’s made as an inventor.

This particular As Seen on TV idea?came to him after studying successful products and coming up with a new and improved way to solve a widespread problem. Fred also credits Edison Nation’s forums for being a great resource and source of inspiration.

Fred?s advice to aspiring inventors:?For those who score a licensing deal – the journey is measured in years, not months, and usually many years. If this is what you want to do, stay patient, keep learning and learn to deal with the inevitable ups and down (oh, and don’t quit your day job)!??

Congratulations, Jill?and Fred!


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  1. Jay

    Congrats that’s great news. If anyone has gone through the process and could lend some advice or words of encouragement please let me know, I’m keeping my fingers crossed as we speak.

  2. Rebekah Ashworth

    Hi could I request you email me. I tried to reach your office but got no answer. Do you guys have an alternative phone number. Also I don’t know I have $25 to put in for a new product idea but are there more recurrent costs? It mention if you get revenue in you bill 100,000 so I assume I get some royalties or what’s left over . If you could email me I will give you my phone number and then if I’m comfortable submit my new product idea

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