Toter is Looking for New Innovations for Organic Waste Disposal Products and Systems

Toter is the premier manufacturer of two-wheeled carts and receptacles for curbside automated waste, recycling and organics collection by cities, private waste haulers and recyclers. After introducing the automated curbside cart system to America, Toter has been on a mission to perfect their manufacturing process. Today Toter is widely considered the producer of the world?s toughest waste carts that have one of the lowest warranty claim rates, an extraordinarily long service life and have even designed a cart that can resist bears.
Toter offers waste and recyclable products for everything from medical waste to malls and shopping centers. Whether it be the incredible value or product sustainability, Toter makes the collection and disposal of waste, recyclables and organics process as convenient as possible for all users.
Although Toter is looking for any idea regarding waste and recyclable disposal systems and products, they would like to put an emphasis on tabletop composting innovations. Product and system ideas should revolve around:

Ease of use
Cost effectiveness
Reduced repellency

Toter has achieved monumental success, in the last 15 years Toter has helped to collect over one million tons of food scraps in San Francisco alone and hopes to continue to do so with your help.

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