Introducing Edison Nation’s first iOS app, Sparks

Sparks by Edison Nation ? the fastest and easiest way for innovators to record new product ideas ? now available for free on the Apple App Store

A new iOS app to get people?s great invention ideas out of their heads and onto store shelves now available for download today on iOS devices


John Hetrick, a retired industrial engineer, was driving with his wife and daughter through the Pennsylvania countryside. Suddenly, a boulder appeared in the road ahead causing Hetrick to swerve into a ditch. Hetrick and his wife immediately reached for their daughter, stopping her from hitting the dashboard and possibly saving her life. It was shortly after this accident that Hetrick was struck with the idea for the airbag.

It only takes a split second for the metaphorical light bulb to blink above an imaginative mind. If?you happen to be without a pen and paper?when struck with an idea, it can take that same split second for your revelation to be lost forever in the web of the mind. The idea for the next iPad or telephone may hit you while shopping, getting dinner with friends or even in the car like John Hetrick.

Never fear forgetful innovators, Edison Nation has created the remedy for the fleeting idea: the Sparks iOS app.

In this modern invention age, what’s likely always with you??Your iPhone or iPad. When inspiration strikes simply use text to type up your idea. Can?t text? Use the voice memo function to?record your idea. Even if you’re having trouble putting your idea into words, you can draw a quick design or sketch and use the Sparks app to take a picture.

The average human has more than 60,000 thoughts per day. Why not try to make some money off of a few of them? Users can turn their best ?Sparks? into full-fledged product ideas with a single click, syncing their Sparks across all devices and into their own private account on Edison Nation’s online platform is?private and secure, and each invention?idea submitted is professionally evaluated. The top product ideas are pitched for licensing opportunities, and if a licensing deal is reached, the inventor receives 50% of all royalties.

Edison Nation has been the go-to resource for independent innovators with great invention ideas. The community platform has generated more than $200 million at retail and has licensed dozens of products. Now, Edison Nation is making it easier for independent innovators to record their ideas and get the best ones onto store shelves.

Best of all the Sparks app is free and available for download now!

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