15 Sport Outdoor Toys You’ll Wish You Had as a Kid

Forget Slinkys and Silly Putty, kids today have toys that look like they’re from the future! A simple internet connection yields access to nearly every episode of every season of every show ever created. Although your third grader may be the only one in the house capable of explaining the complicated inner workings of your email, spending so much time in front of a television or behind the screen of a computer can be detrimental. Children ages 6-11 are in a period of crucial plasticity, an important stage for developing cognitively, psychologically, physically and emotionally. So,?how are we going to get our kids inspired to go outside and play?

Goliath Games, a top manufacturer of sport outdoor toys, is looking for solutions to the modern-pubescent-couch-lock. Goliath has been enhancing the effort parents make to pry their children’s unblinking, vacant eyes from monitors and screens to the back yard with innovative sport outdoor toys and other products such as Juggle U, Phlat Ball and Zoingo Boingo Pogo.

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Goliath isn?t stopping there. They know it’s only a matter of time before PlayStation can actually send kids to an alien planet with a laser gun so they are looking to combat the evolving technology market with more innovative toys and games. Goliath has teamed up with Edison Nation to find and license?new fun, creative sport outdoor toys?that are easy to use and cost effective. Best of all, if your idea is selected you’ll get share in 50/50 royalties with Edison Nation. Have an idea? Submit it here.

Here are 15 innovative outdoor sport toys to get the “Phlat Ball” rolling so to speak.

1.?FoamStrike SwitchBlade Boomerang

outdoor sport toys

A modern take on frisbee and boomerang.

2. CITRUS?Soccer Ball

outdoor sport toys

Innovative ball that never needs to be inflated and changes colors when it reaches the goal line.

3. Bounceboard

outdoor sport toys

A trampoline accessory that allows user to mimic snowboarding and wake-boarding tricks.

4.?Wham-O Water Knee Hockey Rink

outdoor sport games

Canada’s answer to the slip-n-slide.

5.?Waboba Moonball

outdoor sport toys
It may not make it quite to the moon, but it gets pretty close.

6.?Phlat Football

outdoor sport games

Disc that transforms into a football midair and won’t break any windows

7. Sport Crossbow

outdoor sport toys

If the zombie apocalypse is near, shouldn’t your children be ready?

8.?Sky Island

sport outdoor toys

Hammock and swing hybrid to entertain children and adults for hours.


sport outdoor toys

A giant inflatable ball than can serve as both ball and child hamster wheel.

10.?Kinetic-Powered LED Jump Rope

outdoor sport toys

An innovative way to reinvigorate a classic.

11.?Ogosport Discs

outdoor sport toys

Lightweight paddle discs that can send balls over 150 ft in the air!

12.?Bagball Beanbag Toss

sport outdoor toys

For your Cornhole masters in training.

13.?Aeros Zipp Disk Launcher

outdoor sport toys

Send discs up to 175 feet at a flick of the wrist.

14.?Zoingo Boing Pogo

sport outdoor toys

The magical road to sweet (and not so sweet) surprises!

15.?Guess Who

outdoor sport toys

An easy to locate, rocket that also recycles old newspapers.

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