New ASOTV Selections! Congratulations, Norma and Rachel

More good news from the As Seen on TV (ASOTV) team! Two invention ideas have been selected from our ASOTV Open Search. Meet the inventors below and leave them a comment to congratulate them as their ideas undergo ideation, product design and development, commercial production and market testing.

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ASOTV inventor

Norma Haygood

Norma, born in Miami Beach and currently living in Eustis, Florida, has been an Edison Nation member since 2009. Like many current Edison Nation members, she came across our TV show, Everyday Edisons, on PBS and was immediately hooked.

Although Norma says that she is constantly coming up with ideas, this particular one came to her while walking down the aisles of Walmart looking for ways to better organize her bedroom. After searching the Internet, checking existing patents and reviewing products in brick and mortar stores, Norma confirmed that her idea was truly unique and submitted it to Edison Nation.

Norma’s advice to inventors: ?It’s crucial to become part of an inventing community. ?Be it on EN, Facebook or a local inventors group. I call it “Inventors University” And it’s FREE!?? If you have an invention, and no resources to go forward with it on your own, EN is THE place to turn to.?


ASOTV inventorsRachel Fine

Rachel is no stranger to the world of inventing. In fact, her and her husband have successfully brought multiple invention ideas to market.?After solely overseeing the overseas manufacturing, shipping, marketing and sales, and learning the intensity and scope involved, they?ve since come to Edison Nation to bring their ideas to market.

The idea for this particular As Seen on TV product was inspired by their very own French Mastiff dog, Priscilla, and?can potentially help dogs live longer, healthier lives.

Rachel?s advice to inventors:?For every one great idea we have, there are 20 that don’t fly (and another 20 that, in hindsight, are just terrible). To some extent it’s a numbers game. And keeping yourself in that creative, innovative headspace keeps the juices flowing.??


Congratulations,?Norma and Rachel!


?Have you ever thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if?”?

License Product?License product?License product

Even if you don’t have an invention idea right now you can still join Edison Nation for free and learn from our community why we’re the trusted source for bringing product ideas to market.

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