10 Curtain Innovations Designed to Conserve Energy

Energy conservation and sustainability are unavoidable themes in the modern marketplace. More than ever, consumers are opting to purchase, and in many cases, spend extra for products from companies they?perceive as being green. In fact,?Nielsen?s 2014 Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility?shows that 55 percent of global online consumers across 60 countries are willing to pay more for products and services from companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact.

Savvy brands, like Ellery Homestyles, have taken notice and are making?strives to deliver environmentally-friendly products. Ellery Homestyles and?Edison Nation have teamed up to find and license curtain innovations for their brand energy-saving, noise-reducing, blackout curtain line, Eclipse. Like Ellery Homestyles,?more and more consumer brands are opting to use natural and sustainable materials?and deliver innovative products that reduce energy consumption and promote social responsibility. As you’ll find below, product designers and inventors have been quick to jump?on the opportunity and there has been no shortage of recognition for those making an impact.

Here are ten creative curtain innovations?designed to conserve energy:

1.?Some Shine Curtains Solar Energy System

Some Shine Curtain Solar Energy System
Image Credit: Yankodesign.com

Soaks in the solar energy during the daytime, stores it and uses it to replenish gadgets at night.

2.?The HEX Curtain

curtain innovations
Image Credit: Rael-sanfratello.com

Controls the light and heat inside a building with rotating panels that automatically open or close in response to exterior natural light.

3.?SunTiles Solar Curtains

curtain innovations
Image Credit: Astridkrogh..com

Woven solar plate curtains that collect energy and store heat from the sun.

4.?Algae Curtain

curtain innovations
Image Credit: Loop.ph.com

Living algae is pumped through the textile to soak up daytime sun and photosynthesizes to produce a bio-fuel that can be used locally.

5.?Liteon Eco Leaf?

curtain innovations
Image Credit: Yankodesign.com

Fabric with solar cells that recharge during the day while blocking sunlight and then emit ambient lights at night.

6.?Eclipse Energy-Saving Blackout Curtains

curtain innovations
Image Credit: Elleryhomestyles.com

Energy-saving, noise-reducing, blackout curtains that come in traditional to modern chic styles.

7.?WAVE Curtain

curtain innovations
Image Credit: Emergingobjects.com

3D printed passive solar innovative curtains designed to admit low winter sun and restrict the direct summer sun.

8. Onyx Solar Photovoltaic?Curtain Wall

curtain innovations
Image Credit: Onyxsolar.com

Generates clean and free energy while providing natural illumination with solar control by filtering effect.

9.?Soft House Solar Curtains

curtain innovations
Image Credit:?Kvarch.net

Innovative curtains made?of energy harvesting and light emitting textiles that power solid state lighting and portable work tools such as laptops, digital cameras, etc.

10.?Thermalogic Window Curtain Liner

curtain innovations
Image Credit: Wayfair.com

Insulated fabric that controls 100% of natural light to repel heat in the summer and reduce winter drafts.

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