Bill Oates’ Invention Selected from Pony Tools Innovation Search


Please join us in congratulating?Edison Nation member, Bill Oates, whose invention idea has been selected by Pony Tools! Pony Tools, who?is in the business of manufacturing, selling and merchandising quality workbench and handheld tools, sponsored an?Innovation Search held in December?in hopes of finding and licensing?handheld tools, specifically clamps, from the Edison Nation community.

Bill, who is a Memphis native, currently resides in Franklin, Tennessee with his wife and three daughters. As a Graphic Designer, Bill?started out in creative advertising and later became an assistant creative director at a design firm. In 1987, he founded?Oates Graphic Design & Illustration, which later became Oates Design.

Bill is no stranger to the world of?licensing.?In 2004, he licensed one of his ideas that later became the best-selling NFL-licensed product in history and still is: a digital clock called the Scoreboard, sold in almost all NFL, NCAA configurations, many MLB, NHL and NBA team configurations, in three sizes, and an alarm clock.

In 2008, he created an alarm clock for Elvis Presley enterprises that alarmed with Elvis songs. Bill designed the product, created the packaging, contracted with the sound-alike artist, and even negotiated the rights to the songs.

While Bill’s?advertising design company?still serves existing clients, he has since focused his time as a?real estate business broker and?submitting invention ideas to Edison Nation.

“Relentlessly pursue your passion. But, this does not mean continue to push an idea that sucks.” – Bill Oates

Congratulations, Bill!

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