Another Idea Licensed to PetStages, Congratulations Cheryl and Donald Benson!

PetStages toy

Does the company PetStages ring a bell? Last October, we shared the news that Michael Diep?s Emery Cat had been licensed to PetStages after a long and successful stint at retail as an As Seen on TV product. This month, Edison Nation married inventor duo, Donald and Cheryl Benson?s invention was selected for licensing from our Open Search and is well on its way to commercialization.

PetStages toy

Donald and Cheryl first came up with their idea on a factory tour where they were overseeing the molding for another invention, Eclipse Ball. Eclipse Ball is played in schools nationwide and will soon be taught in 58 counties through a partnership with a Canadian Company.

Like Eclipse Ball, Donald and Cheryl first tried marketing this invention to the Physical Education market. While the product went on to clinching a gold medal in an international invention convention in 2006, they ultimately weren?t able to find a licensing partner on their own.

Enter Everyday Edisons and Edison Nation. The Bensons pitched their idea to us at an?Everyday Edisons?casting call in Chicago, but unfortunately the idea wasn?t selected for the show. The idea was later submitted to the Edison Nation Open Search where our licensing team saw value in pitching the idea as not only a toy or sport, but also as a pet product.

Congratulations, Cheryl and Donald!

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