Second Invention Idea Licensed from Ellery Homestyles Innovation Search

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We’re excited to announce that a second licensing deal has been signed from the Ellery Homestyles Innovation Search we hosted last fall. To remind, Ellery Homestyles is a leading supplier of branded and private label home fashion products, which are sold in major retailers such as Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, JCP and Kohl’s. We have already announced that Elizabeth Crouch’s idea was also selected by Ellery in the same search search back in September.

Daniel Moskal came up with his invention idea specifically for the Victoria’s Classics Innovation Search held earlier that year. While it was presented to the sponsor at G7, it unfortunately was not selected. Taking his Insider feedback to heart, Daniel’s?idea was later opted into the Ellery Homestyles search with much better fate.

Daniel, who describes himself as the “last person you want decorating your home,” challenged himself to step out of his comfort zone and come up with several ideas for the search. He first identified a strong problem and then thought about potential ways to solve it while considering the perspectives of consumer, manufacturers and distributors:

“[You have to] put yourself in the shoes of the customer. Are you solving a problem in a way that motivates?consumers to change their?way of doing things and part with their?money? Put yourself in the shoes of the manufacturer and distributor, does your idea fit into their existing?product line? Does the cost allow for a good profit? Is it strong enough for them to focus on your invention over other profit opportunities?

While we’re excited to?disclose that Daniel’s idea will improve the way we decorate, we are still working to develop and patent it. As is customary when licensing deals are signed, we protect the intellectual property of the inventor and the licensor until it is patented. Until we are able to announce more details, be sure to stay tuned to our?Facebook and Twitter accounts?for updates.

“If you are going to succeed as an inventor, you are going to fail again and again along this path. Like many members, I had spent tens of thousands on lawyers and prototypes while trying to develop unsuccessful inventions on my own. Edison Nation enables you to fail for $20 and the community that comes with EN increases the quality of the learning experience.” ?- Daniel Moskal

Congratulations, Daniel!


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  1. Milan D.

    Daniel, congratulations on scoring the deal with Ellery! I wish you all the best with commercialization of your idea.

    Cannot wait to see the end product 😉

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