New As Seen on TV Idea Selections! Congratulations, Alli and Michael!

Congratulations to two Edison Nation members whose invention ideas?have been selected for development and As Seen on TV (ASOTV)?market testing. Meet the inventors below and leave them a comment to congratulate them as their ideas undergo ideation, product design and development, commercial production and market testing.

alli g

Alli G

An Oklahoma native currently living in Dallas by way of Los Angeles and Miami, Alli stumbled onto Edison Nation’s website last September and thought, hey, that sounds fun! She came up with her idea after identifying a daily pain point in the bedroom and realizing existing solutions were either ineffective or damaging.


Fun fact about Alli: She?also enjoys traveling, photography, and most especially, creative writing. She hopes to have a?piece published soon.

Alli?s advice to inventors:??The advice I would give is KISS, keep it simple, silly! ?Of all my submissions, this G8 was the simplest description and demonstration. More isn’t always better, [especially when it comes to As Seen on TV products]. Sometimes more is just convoluted. Prototypes go a long way, even if it’s manipulated styrofoam and?poster-board?held together with staples and?superglue as long as it works as described.”


michael burchetteMichael Burchette

Another inventor currently residing North Carolina, Michael enjoys playing the drums, singing, remodeling old cars and tinkering with electronics.?The idea for his product, came to him after a frustrating experience at a church function?when one of his kitchen belongings?was accidentally returned to the wrong owner.

Fun fact about Michael: Michael?finds that ideas often come to him in dreams. It is this reason that he keeps an “Engineer’s Book” by his bed to capture fleeting thoughts.

Michael’s advice to inventors:?“Always believe in yourself and make sure your invention solves an everyday problem.”

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Congratulations, Alli and Michael!

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    Way to go forth with gut feelings! What an adventure of a life time! Was wondering if collaboration is a possibility?

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