From G1-G8: Mastering Stages 1, 2 and 3 of the Invention Submission Process

It happens to everyone…you?re driving to work, you?re walking through a store looking for that one thing you can?t find anywhere, you wake up from a dream, you?re in the shower and BING! You?ve got an idea.


It?s an awesome idea and you know just where you share it…Edison Nation. So you log in, you perfect your invention submission online and you hit ?Submit?! And then it starts, the curiosity, sometimes the anxiety, the endless logging in, the nail-biting…what?s happening now?

Allow us to help you relax, well, a little. This is the first installment of a blog series where we give you a look into what happens when your idea is shared with the Edison Nation review team. In this post, we?ll look at Stages 1-3. Back to our story…once you click ?Submit?, your idea is now live in Edison Nation’s secure system and is visible to us. The idea will appear on your Dashboard and you?ll see your first green check – you?re at G1 (green at Stage 1)!


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How do you get to that check mark at Stage 2? Make sure your idea fits the search description. Read and gain an expert understanding of the search landing page. Familiarize yourself with the search sponsor to ensure your product idea would be a great fit for a their product line. For example, if the search is for an innovation in tool storage, do not submit a bathroom organizer. If you meet all the requirements of the search, you?re now a G2 (green at Stage 2) and onto Stage 3!?In Stage 3, we?re going through your submission section by section to understand your idea and ensure it is unique and innovative.


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Remember, first impressions are important. When you submit your idea, make sure it is complete and ready for review. Once submitted, at least one person from the review team?will be reading it within 24-48 hours of your submission. We should be able to understand your idea quickly and easily. Once we have familiarized ourselves with your idea, we complete preliminary research to find potential competitors.


As the majority of innovative ideas are improvements on existing products, the details you provide in your submission should address why your idea is better than potential competitors in the space. Research, research, research! Use a search engine to look for similar products. Search for different variations of the product title, function and benefit to ensure your considering all potential competing products.?If your idea stands out from the crowd following our initial review, you?ll see that third check on your Dashboard and you?re onto Stage 4!


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The next installment of this series will take a deep dive into what it takes to achieve that elusive ?G4?…


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