Edison Nation Inventors “Pitch the Hill” to Showcase American Innovation

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As you may know, Edison Nation has been a?key player in fighting for the rights?of independent inventors. Last year,?Edison Nation was instrumental in ensuring the voice of independent inventors was heard, resulting in Senator Leahy dropping proposed patent legislation that favored large corporations over legitimate patent holders. In addition, Edison Nation CEO, Louis Foreman, has been called on, multiple times, to brief the House and Senate Judiciary Committees on legislation related to the U.S. patent system.

In a continued effort to raise awareness for the rights of independent inventors, seven Edison Nation inventors recently traveled to Washington, D.C. to pitch their invention ideas to a panel of investors on Capitol Hill and demonstrate just how important independent inventors are?to the fabric of our country.?Members of Congress and government officials were present throughout the event to learn firsthand the vital role?independent inventors play to the U.S. economy.

Unfortunately, “snowpocalypse” (no more than an inch of slush) forced Charlotte airport closures?the morning of the event and Louis, as well as the Edison Nation team, were unable to join the crew in?Washington, D.C.?Fellow Edison Nation member and accomplished inventor, Eric Huber, rose to the occasion in absence of Louis Foreman to speak on his behalf on a panel of speakers. Despite our absence our group did a great job?representing Edison Nation, independent inventors and the spirit of American innovation!


inventor help
Edison Nation members prepare to showcase their inventions


Washington D.C.
Eric Huber stands in front of Capitol Hillpatent legislation
Pitching and exhibition took place in the historical Kennedy Caucus Room of the Russell Senate Building

Inventor speaking

Eric Huber?fills in on the panel for Edison Nation CEO, Louis Foreman, to represent the voice of U.S. independent inventors


Capitol Hill
Edison Nation inventors prepare for pitching and exhibition in the Russell Senate building



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  1. Daniel Moskal

    Thanks, Eric and others, for stepping up to the plate when the EN team wasn’t able to make it to DC. I’m a Midwesterner who lived several years in the DC area, I find it hysterical how a small amount of snow or ice can drag the southern societies to their knees.

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