Rite Aid and Edison Nation Medical have Partnered to License Your Health and Wellness Ideas

Rite Aid Edison Nation Medical

Rite Aid and Edison Nation’s sister company, Edison Nation Medical have partnered to bring your bright invention idea to life! Whereas Edison Nation is an innovation marketplace and online community for consumer product licensing, Edison Nation Medical’s focus is on commercializing inventions to improve healthcare.

Through Edison Nation Medical?s confidential and secure online platform, you can submit your product invention idea and?Rite Aid and Edison Nation Medical will work together to evaluate it for health and wellness innovation, intellectual property (i.e. any existing patents or trademarks), and sales potential.

Their end goal is to commercialize every great invention and to sell the new products through all Rite Aid stores.

In the end, Rite Aid customers will win by having new innovative products that improve their lives, but equally importantly,?YOU?also win,?since every successful inventor receives an advance of $2500 and 50% of licensing royalties.?


Have a health or wellness idea for?Rite Aid?


Edison Nation Medical and Edison Nation are for?anyone?who has a product idea or invention?big or small. Your idea can be a ?back-of-the-envelope sketch? all the way to a fully developed and prototyped invention.

Together we can improve the lives of people nationwide, one invention at a time.


?Have you ever thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if?”?

License Product?License product?License product

We exist to get consumer product ideas out of your head and onto retail shelves,?all at no risk to you.

3 Comments Rite Aid and Edison Nation Medical have Partnered to License Your Health and Wellness Ideas

  1. Randol P.

    What if an idea has market potential outside of US, Would RITE AID consider placing a product on other retailers shelf and also internationally marketing it?

    Or would it be limited to RITE AID stores shelves?

    Thank you

  2. Randol P.

    Would RITE AID consider letting the inventor contribute to the marketing strategy of the product?

  3. Lea

    Hi Randol – Thank you for your interest in the Rite Aid search. While Edison Nation Medical is our sister, the search is actually being hosted by them. All questions should be directed to Questions@EdisonNationMedical.com. You can learn more about the search on their website: edisonnationmedical.com. Hope this helps!

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