Keter and Edison Nation Team Up to Find Storage and Organizational Innovation

Edison Nation has teamed up with Keter, a market leader in quality plastic home and outdoor storage solutions, to find and license storage and organizational product ideas.

In particular, Keter wants to help their consumers to better arrange their garage, basement and/or utility room and is looking for consumer-derived innovation to fuel their product pipelines.

The reward? 50/50 split in all licensing revenues that Edison Nation receives. And remember, all costs associated with patenting, development, marketing, etc. are covered by Edison Nation.



Your ideas should focus around:

  •  Cabinets
  •  Shelving systems
  •  Tool storage
  •  Storage boxes and totes

Keter strives to be the first choice at any price point, meaning they offer both low budget and premium products. Their focus is on finding traditional resin-based solutions that are simple for the end user, and they are also open to new and smart technologies.

Your ideas should:

  •  Be easy to assemble, modify or adjust
  •  Be heavy duty grade – can hold a lot of weight, yet light
  •  Be modular and can be bought in one piece or separate modules
  •  Maximize space for storage
  •  Give consumers the ability to find what they need when it’s stowed away
  •  Support multiple sized items and seasonal storage

Keter’s products are sold at The Home Depot, Lowes, Target, Walmart, Costco and more.

Have an idea for the Keter search?

About Keter

Keter offers a wide range of attractive and functional household and do-it-yourself (DIY) product categories with a focus on storage and organizational products that improve people’s daily living. Whether it is saving people time, or by helping to effectively solve a storage problem or provide an innovative solution to meet a common need, Keter works tirelessly to create the best products to make people’s lives better.

Keter distinguishes itself by placing itself in the shoes of the customer and constantly questioning itself – “How can we design this better?” Keter uses 100% recyclable Polypropylene resin to not only help the environment but also provide resilient, maintenance free, and durable products. Keter uses the most advanced injection-molding technology to create the highest quality of products.


 Have you ever thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if…”?

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We exist to get product ideas out of your head and onto retail shelves, all at no risk to you.

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