15 Kitchen Gadgets to Prep and Eat the Perfect Meal

Face it, not everyone can be a chef. Or even a good cook. Or even make it through prepping a meal without some sort of catastrophe. Luckily, inventive humans just like you have created handy little gadgets, innovative appliances and improved utensils to make meal prep and consumption that much easier.

Here’s a round up of 15 kitchen inventions to help you prep (and eat) the perfect meal.

1.?Silicon Oven Guards

Oven rack protectors
Image Credit:?Amazon.com

Bump-proof for those with poor depth perception.


2.?Glass Toaster

Glass toaster
Image Credit: Thisiswhyimbroke.com

Golden brown and beautiful, every time.


3.?Onion Holder Slicing Guide

Onion holder
Image Credit: Norpro.com

Onion slicing management system that can double as a hair styling tool.


4.?Twirling Spaghetti Fork

Self-twirling spaghetti knkife
Image Credit: Amazon.com

Never worry about having to limit your spaghetti intake due to arm and hand fatigue again.


5.?Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

Never soggy bowl
Image Credit: Nsfwallet.com

Every bite just as crisp as your first.


6. Ice Cream Pint Lock Protector

Ice cream lock
Image Credit: Benandjerrys.com

Perfect for both weight loss or weight gain iniatives.


7.?Heated butter knife

Heated butter knife
Image Credit: Lifehacker.com

The best thing since sliced bread.


8.?Trongs Finger Food Utensil

Finger Tongs
Image Credit: Hiconsumption.com

Get the fork outta here.


9.?Endless Edge Brownie Pan

Edge Brownie Pan
Image Credit: Thisiswhyimbroke.com

Guaranteed to reduce brownie corner fueled debates in every household.


10.?Slip-on Pot Pour Spot

Slip On Pour Spout
Image Credit: Flickr.com

Because why would you?waste the 30 seconds it takes to do it with a knife?


11.?Corn Twister Kernal Remover

Corn Cob Twister
Image Credit:?Housewares.org

A fun twist on?stripping corn.


12. Cookie?Cake-sicle Pan

Cookie pop mold
Image Credit: Norpro.com

Make all your favorite?cookies, brownies and cakes portable.


13.?Boil-over Spill Stopper

Boiler Stop
Image Credit: Flickr.com

Doesn’t matter whether?the pot is watched or not.

14.?Butter Cutter

Kitchen gadgets
Image Credit: Flickr.com

The solution for achieving that perfect restaurant-style?square.

15.?Finger Protector for Slicing

Finger guard
Image Credit: Flickr.com

Slicing and dicing without the fear.


Do you have any handy kitchen gadgets that make life in the kitchen easier? Do any of these inventions seem odd to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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