Tips to Improve your Product Idea Submissions: Videos

Have a great idea you?d like to share with Edison Nation for a potential licensing deal or an As Seen on TV (ASOTV)?campaign? As mentioned in a recent blog post, videos are great way to help the Edison Nation team visualize an invention idea as a tangible product and understand how it works. Explainer videos are most valuable when you already have a prototype or Proof of Concept (POC) to demonstrate, but props and other visuals, such as CAD?Drawings?or just?a spoken explanation?may suffice as well.

Note: Videos are never required as part of Edison Nation?s consumer product licensing or As Seen on TV (ASOTV) product selection process, but may help us better understand your vision and share your idea to interested parties. This is the fifth post in the fourth post in the Tips to Improve your Product Idea Submissions series.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind while creating a product explainer video for your invention?submission:

Think it through first. Consider writing a script, or at least an outline for your video. A strong foundation will help you organize your content, making it easy for the audience to understand and follow. Put the most important details in the first 30 seconds of the video and ensure that your thoughts flow seamlessly from start to finish. It may be helpful to share your plan with an ?outsider? before filming in order to get a fresh perspective.

The shorter the better. Our licensing team reviews hundreds of idea submissions a day. We realize you may have a lot you want to tell us about your invention idea, but this video is meant to be an overview, a ?hook? to get us (and potential licensing partners!) interested in learning more. But, this doesn?t mean that you should talk quickly to pack your information in. As a rule of thumb, aim for 150 words per minute ensuring clear pronunciation.

Most importantly, humans by nature have short attention spans. People are able to dedicate more focus on shorter videos.

Online video attention span graph


Keep it simple. Our licensing team has over 150+ years of combined experience in a variety of industries but that doesn?t mean we are experts in every field. If your demonstration relies on complex theories or intricate mechanics, be sure to explain it on a level that most people will be able to understand. If you are opting to use visuals such as sketches and CAD drawings, ensure that they are simplified to include a high level overview of the concept.

Benefits over features. The natural temptation is to show off as many features as possible, however the benefit is what really matters. What makes your idea better than what is already available and why should our team and potential licensing partners care? Lead with the product benefits and support the benefits with features as proof points, if necessary.

A product feature is a characteristic of your product that describes its appearance, its components, and its capabilities.

For example, the XYZ Entertainment Center allows you to record up to three movies at the same time.

A product benefit is an advantage or value that your product will offer to the end consumer.

For example, the XYZ Entertainment Center replaces up to three DVDs saving you space, eliminating hardware, and simplifying setup for multiple recordings.

Keep it professional. This may seem like common sense, but we cannot tell you how many times we get videos with obnoxious background music or poor audio. Ensure you are using a device that will produce audible sound and a clear picture. Keep the setting of your video in mind. Is their clutter or distraction in the background? Clean it. Are their animals or children running around in the background? Wait until you are in a quieter setting. Be sure the focus is on your invention idea, not its surroundings!

Lastly, you never know who will see your video, so it is always best to spend an extra minute or two to think it through and execute. Oftentimes the video is the first thing the licensing team or prospective licensor with review. As such, product explainer videos offer a huge opportunity to show off your idea and convince us why it is the next big thing.


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