Danny Blacker?s Invention Selected for Licensing Deal with Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath and Beyond inventionAfter 6 years in Navy, Danny found his calling in mechanical and design engineering. Now, an engineering and design technician at Rice University in Houston, Texas, Danny has found the perfect platform to help students with the complications and hurdles that come with prototyping, while learning the ins and outs himself.

He?came up with his idea in hopes of improving a routine human practice?bathing. Danny came to find that the solution he was looking for was either not offered locally or was too expensive to justify purchasing. Plus, the overpriced options offered were very limited. Rather than giving up and moving on, Danny saw an opportunity and went straight?to the drawing board.

He stumbled upon Everyday Edisons while browsing Hulu?one day and was immediately hooked. He later found Edison Nation and submitted his invention idea to our Open Search. The rest is history.

Bed Bath and Beyond product search

By the way, this was Danny?s first ever idea submission (and hopefully not the last!) to Edison Nation?a true testament to the clich?d phrase, ?you never know.?

While Danny’s story is somewhat of a fairy tale around Edison Nation, it doesn’t undermine the handwork, dedication, and innovative thinking that went into his invention. While aren’t able to disclose any details of his invention at this time, in order to maintain the privacy of his intellectual property, but we hope that you will stay tuned for updates in the next coming month! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for news and updates!

Congratulations, Danny!


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  1. Pam Allen

    I am sooooo proud of you. You saw a vision and made it happen. You are the BEST! Love ya, Auntie P

  2. milan dubravka

    Wow, wow, wow! Way to go!
    Congratulations Danny, may your invention succeed commercially and rake in some nice royalties for you and your family!

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