15 Excellent 3D Printing Websites for Aspiring Inventors

3D printing is more than just a buzzword or trend around the Edison Nation headquarters. It’s an integral part of our day-to-day design?functions and an essential product development tool.?3D printing streamlines the product development process in a timely and cost-effective manner, so we can focus on securing licensing deals on behalf of our inventors.

But beyond?inventing, it’s a fascinating concept that’s pervading almost every industry imaginable. I spoke with some of our designers and engineers to collect a list of our 15 favorite 3D printing websites.



3D printing marketplace
3D printing service, community and marketplace startup.


E-Nabling the Future

3D printed prosthetic hand
Network of volunteers who design free open source prosthetic hands.


Made In Space

3D printer in space
Silicon Valley startup?that made the 3D printer currently installed on the international space station.



3D printing community
One-stop shop for 3D printing goodness aggregated from social media and more.



Open source 3D printing
Design community for discovering, making and sharing 3D printable things.


3D Print Show

3D printing tradeshow
Global series of 3D printing events for business, brands and consumers.


Joshua Harker

3D printed art
Pioneer and visionary in 3D printed arts.



3D printing community
3D printing social network and community of makers.


Urban Hubs

3D printed recycling
3D printed recycle bins for bottles and cans.


NIH 3D Print Exchange

Bioscientific 3D printing
National Institute of Health’s?community-contributed data base of health and science 3D-printable files.



3D CAD file
Virtual Space allowing users to browse?3D printing services and rates.



3D systems
3D System’s central hub for all-things-3D printing.



3D printing community
The first general self-replicating manufacturing machine and 3D printing community.



3D printing tools
Monthly subscription box full of new filament tools, printed samples and more.



3D printed hydroponics
3D printable hydroponics systems to grow food without toxic chemicals.


What are your favorite 3D printing websites? Are you familiar or would recommend any of the sites we’ve listed here? Let us know in the comments below!


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