Ride 2 Recovery and EN Product Search to Honor Veterans and Active Duty Military

We’re teaming up with Ride 2 Recovery to honor our veterans and active duty military and need your help.

Edison Nation and Ride 2 Recovery have teamed up to raise funds for our wounded warriors and combat the hardships they endure after serving.?Ride 2 Recovery, a non-profit organization, helps injured veterans improve their health and wellness through individual and group cycling programs.

Ride 2 Recovery makes a difference in the lives of veterans by providing:

    • Mental wellness
    • Custom bikes
    • Rehabilitation
    • Physical activity

bike race?bike race

Edison Nation is holding a live product search exclusively for veterans and active duty veterans and will pursue licensing deals on their behalf. Any idea, whether it is a written description or full-scale prototype, is eligible for consideration.

All proceeds from the submission fees will go to Ride 2 Recovery.

The goals of this search are two-fold:

  • To secure a licensing deal for a veteran or active duty veteran
  • To raise funds for Ride 2 Recovery

If you are a veteran or active duty military member, or know someone that is, we hope that you will participate and share this opportunity.

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