Tips to Improve your Product Submissions: Sell Sheet

Have a great idea you’d like to share with Edison Nation for a potential licensing deal or As Seen on TV (ASOTV) campaign? As mentioned in a recent blog post, sell sheets are great way to present a high level overview of your invention idea. When submitting an idea to one of our searches for a potential licensing deal or As Seen on TV selection, consider making a quick sell sheet to summarize the most important information. Note: Sell sheets are never required as part of Edison Nation’s consumer product licensing or As Seen on TV product selection process, but may help us better understand your vision and share your idea to interested parties. This is the third post in the Tips to Improve your Product Idea Submissions series, be sure to stay tuned as we dive into each suggestion and bring in EN members from different divisions to discuss.

Here are some elements to consider including in to your sales sheets:

  • Product name or logo
  • Tagline
  • Name/phone number
  • Problem the product idea solves
  • Solution
  • Benefits
  • Product features
  • Use instructions
  • Images (CAD, prototype, sketch, etc.)
  • Target consumer

Sell sheet example

Other things to keep in mind:

Don’t spend a great deal of time on the product name or tagline. Companies more often than change it to be consistent with existing product lines. Rather, make it eye-catching and something that speaks to the product idea and the solution.

Don’t go overboard with text or images. There is no need to write paragraphs where a phrase or two will suffice. Conversely, there is no need to provide images of every angle where one or two image will get the point across. A sell sheet is meant to be succinct and grab the reader’s attention, not overwhelm them.

Save it in PDF format. PDF is the best format for sharing documents over the internet. Saving your sell sheet in PDF format ensures that everyone will be able to see it the way you intended it to look.

Lastly, developing a sell sheet for your product idea can help confirm your confidence in an invention idea. After completing your sell sheet are you still confidant that this product can be mass marketed or is it too niche? Does it solve a problem? Does it already exist in the marketplace? These are all questions that you should ask yourself when thinking of new ideas.


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