Three Product Ideas Selected for ASOTV Testing

Congratulations to three Edison Nation members whose invention ideas have been selected by Edison Nation ASOTV for market testing. Meet the inventors below and leave a comment to congratulate them on this big step towards success for their great product ideas!

HenryHenry Quattromini

An entrepreneurial spirit certainly helps tapping into one?s creative side when it comes to inventing, and Henry is certainly testament to that. Henry discovered Edison Nation while chatting with a fellow business owner and knew it was fate. His ?BING!? moment came one day while frying one of America?s favorite foods on the stove and thought, ?there has to be a better, healthier and quicker way.?


LillieLillie Hayes

Lillie, a longtime Edison Nation member and cat lover, was ecstatic to find the As Seen on TV team was holding a Hot Trend Search for cat products. Determined to find a unique toy that would appeal to her cat, Milky, and met the criteria for a successful ASOTV item, Lillie went through multiple editions and prototypes before her final design. After gaining Milky?s approval, she submitted her idea and soon won over the Edison Nation ASOTV team as well.


BarbaraBarbara Mahoney

Barbara is a Michigan native and resident who enjoys ?chasing ideas? as a mental exercise. Her idea came to her one day while completing a common, recurring cleaning chore in the kitchen and thought, ?How can I not have to do this ever again?? Barbara put her background in graphic design to good use and submitted her idea to Edison Nation. After making it to G7 in several searches, her idea finally found a home with Edison Nation ASOTV.


Congratulations to Henry, Lillie, and Barbara!


So far we’ve earned over $200 million in sales for our inventors.

We can help you get your great ideas on TV and in stores,?at no risk to you.

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4 Comments Three Product Ideas Selected for ASOTV Testing

  1. Vic Chesmore

    Way to go Henry !!!!!!!!!! persistence is finally paying never gave up……… great job

  2. Sonia Archer

    CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE! I just submitted an idea to ASOTV and hope to join you on the Winning Inventors Panel soon!

  3. Renee Dumont

    Congrats to all of you for your success! You are my inspiration and I can’t wait to hear any updates!

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