Kickstarter: Community Members on the Move!

We love playing a role in the success of our community members, be it directly or indirectly, and it always excites us when our members are making moves. Three of our Edison Nation community members, Lana Zhitnitsky, Coleman Kao and Jennie Hanaoka, and Tim Hayes, have launched their own Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns to support their inventions.



Lana Zhitnitskys? project is an innovative kitchen tool that can be used as a lid holder in the kitchen and a trivet on the table. It?s easy to use, minimizes cooking clutter and is heat resistant up to 500?F

VISIT:? Check out the Trivae campaign.



Straptastic was invented by EN members, Coleman Kao and Jennie Hanaoka and is designed to take bra straps to a whole new level. Straptastic bra straps are interchangeable beads that attach to your bra straps. Plus, 5% of every sale is donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation in Orange County.

VISIT:? Check out the Straptastic campaign.

Splash Infuser


Splash Infuser is the brainchild of G8 EN member and Everyday Edison, Tim Hayes. Splash Infuser allows users to flavor their water instantly using natural ingredients, eliminating the need for sodas and sport drinks.

VISIT: Check out the Splash Infuser campaign.


The more people that visit, support and share Trivae, Straptastic, and Splash Infuser, the more visibility your fellow Edison Nation inventors will receive.

Are you a community member who is making moves? Send us a note at with the subject line ?Member on the Move,? and we may just spotlight your project within the community.


?So far we’ve earned over $200 million in sales for our inventors, all at no risk to them.?Is your idea the next big thing?

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Even if you don’t have an invention idea right now you can still join Edison Nation for free and learn from our community why we’re the trusted source for bringing product ideas to market.

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