How Do You Come Up With Those ‘BING’ Moments?

Edison Nation was created to harness those ‘BING’ moments?and turn them into something bigger than just fleeting thoughts.?We?inspire everyone to embrace and share those?eureka, “aha!”?moments in?your life so they can be turned?into real, tangible products that are sold in stores and available to consumers worldwide. Hey, a little extra cash on hand doesn’t hurt now either does it ;).

Feeling uninspired? Here is how some of our?Edison Nation?inventors tap into their creative side and come up with great product ideas:

?Ideas can come anytime or anywhere. For me, I think most of my better ideas are the ones that just show up out of the blue. Not a rule, but seems like those ?Bing? ideas are gifts from somewhere else. I like to believe my Pinal gland is tapping into the Universal Mind. If I am stuck on an idea, I?ll ask/pray right before I go to sleep and usually I wake up knowing it.? ? Tannis C., EN Inventor’


?I look at items in the stores, online and see how I would improve or make them more compact, easier to use and space saving. I also give myself a topic each day and think on that topic to see what I can come up with?I pick things at random each day? I wake up a lot and have to write down the idea I dream right then or lose it. I average sleeping about 5 hours a night.? ? Roger Brown, Inventor and EN Team Member


?Research, research, research! Internet is a wonderful resource to use!!! When there is a new search posted on EN, I go out there and browse different web sites to get a better understanding of the industry and its trends. What is new, what is hot these days? And then somehow, because my mind is occupied with the search, as I go through my day/days, the ideas start to come to me.? ? Milan D., EN Inventor


?I have a need and see there is not an obvious solution, do some market research, patent search, etc, etc. Though not every idea is a winner, the ideas flood into my mind like crazy. It?s like I can?t turn it off- not sure if that?s a curse or a blessing.? ? Colleen N., EN Inventor


?As a package designer, I carry a small blue sketch idea/concept book everywhere.? Sketches, research, mock-ups, mini market reach with real people, all churn in my head day & night ? without an off switch. It?s been very, very good to me.? ? Thom C., EN Inventor


?Mine usually just pops into my head. I could be watching TV and see something and ?Bing? there?s a better way that pops in my head. Or, I might come across a problem and an idea will come to me on how it could be solved. Many times, an idea pops into my head the second I wake up in the morning. I don?t know where it comes from, it?s just there.? ? Kathleen C., EN Inventor


?I like to meditate on a Search for several days; I?ll even say or think a Mantra 30 minutes before I go to bed. When I fall asleep my subconscious takes over and connects the dots. When I sit down and create with pen and paper I tend to get more analytical, sometimes over thinking.? ? Lisa, EN Inventor.


?I don?t ?deliberately? visualize the search sponsor?s product or direction the sponsor wants to take their product. I just read the search, I read about the sponsor and then I just let my mind soak up what I have read and do a little free thinking… Eventually my mind will settle on a direction and slowly start to think in terms of form and function. At that point I start some loose sketches and start to direct my thoughts along the lines that my free thinking took me in.? ? William B., EN Inventor.


?I feel like sometimes if I want to think of an idea for a search and I am trying too hard, nothing really good comes of it. I will be watching something, doing something or thinking about my son?s needs and bam, a new idea pops in my brain.? ? Wendy B., EN Inventor


?I guess I consider myself a serial ?Artventor??I?m a conceptual person?I will get this Pop of an idea/visual in my head and then try to physically create it?or at best sketch it out?? ? Christina W., EN Inventor


?Most of my ideas just pop into my head out of the clear-blue, often, sparked by something I glance at, or something I overhear someone else say. When I am at Lowes or Home Depot, if I see someone who has a stumped look on their face as they stare at a wall of items, I ask about their problem, sympathize, (help, if it?s an easy fix), then I go home, jot it down, and wait till I go to sleep at night to work it out in my dreams.? ? Samantha M., EN Inventor


?Most, if not all, my ideas come from seeing some everyday problem and then trying to figure out what I could do and how to solve the problem I perceive. I?ll usually jot a note or two down, and then if I can remember where I put the note, transfer a little more info into my book of ideas.” ? Archie, EN Inventor


?A lot of times ideas just pop into my head, most of the time when I?m just waking up in the morning. And 90% of the time, those ideas are pretty weird.? ? Francisco L., EN Inventor


?So far we’ve earned over $200 million in sales for our inventors, all at no risk to them.?Is your idea the next big thing?

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