Tips to Improve your Product Idea Submissions: CAD Drawings

CAD drawing

Have a great idea you?d like to share with Edison Nation for a potential licensing deal or As Seen on TV (ASOTV)?campaign? Including CAD (computer-aided design) in your idea submissions is a great way to visually represent your invention idea and give the Edison Nation team a better understanding of your vision. CAD drawings can also help streamline the development process and may shorten the time it takes for a product to get to market. This is the second post in the Tips to Improve your Product Idea Submissions series, be sure to stay tuned as we dive into each suggestion and bring in EN members from different divisions to discuss.

If you haven?t already, be sure to check out our blog post that shares a few free, user-friendly CAD application programs to create 3D CAD drawings. We spoke with EN team member, Jeremy Losaw to get some pointers on how to most effectively represent your idea submission with 3D computer modeling:

Think about the parts, not just the whole. Whereas line drawings and orthographics aren?t always able to represent exact dimensions and inner components, 3D computer-aided models can be built to scale and reflect all the attached parts. If you have already done prior art and patent research, this is a good way to represent your findings. Of course Edison Nation doesn?t expect you to have your idea quite this thought out, but we encourage you to share the nitty gritty details with us if you are able!

Save all editions of your designs. One of the best parts about CAD drawings is that the files can be sent to others. If your idea is selected it may be beneficial for our design teams (as well as the company licensing it!) to see multiple editions of your ideas in editable files. CADs can be viewed, rotated, and sectioned to see how an idea is assembled, which can streamline communications and product development on our end and yours. Lastly, be sure it is in a file format that most computers understand such as STL or STEP.

Don?t spend too much time or money. There are many free, user-friendly CAD applications to?help you create 3D models. There is a bit of a learning curve with these programs but it just may be worth it. Creating a 3D model can help you determine if your idea makes sense and is even technically feasible.

Don?t get bogged down. CAD drawings are never required when submitting your idea for a potential licensing deal or for the As Seen on TV Open Search. Don?t spend too much time learning programs and developing CAD drawings or 3D models when a simple line sketch will do. Rather, spend time researching your idea. What is already on the market? Can this be mass marketed? Does this idea even meet the guidelines provided by the search sponsor? Do I concisely and clearly explain my product idea in my submission?

Ultimately, you never know. We?ve seen success from ideas that we?re submitted as a sketch on a napkin as well as market ready products with filed patents. In the world of product licensing only one thing is for certain, you won?t succeed if you don?t submit.


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