Another Licensing Deal! Congratulations, Elizabeth Crouch!

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Another Edison Nation licensing deal! Ellery Homestyles has selected a throw blanket concept invented by Edison Nation member, Elizabeth Crouch. This deal came just a month after the EN licensing team presented an impressive lineup of finalists at the Ellery Homestyles headquarters in New York.

Elizabeth was born and raised in sunny Sacramento County, California and later moved to Oregon where she currently resides with her husband Roy. Elizabeth has two daughters, two stepchildren, and eight grandchildren. Elizabeth has been working with the Spirit Mountain Casino in Oregon for about 12 years as a Finance Specialist, but enjoys looking at challenges and thinking of product ideas that match each challenge in her free time. One of these ideas became a greeting card subscription service for lonely elderly called Mail a Hug. Elizabeth says her experience with Mail a Hug taught her to take ideas a little slower and embrace the journey of growing fleeting thoughts to more concrete product ideas.

Following Mail a Hug, Elizabeth launched The Cupcake Rack?and took the idea from conception to fruition including prototyping, patenting, market research, and manufacturing all on her own. You can read about her journey with The Cupcake Rack in her forum thread, ??Waiting for my ship to come in??.

After realizing how expensive and complicated bringing a product idea to market alone can be, Elizabeth found Edison Nation.

Invention Idea?The community is my second family.? What I love most is that we inventors are all like-minded and cheer for each other’s success.? When one succeeds, we all succeed.? The community is genuinely interested in my journey, as I am in theirs; because they get it? they know what I’m feeling and experiencing.?

As a seasoned inventor, Edison Nation Insider, and member of the EN family, we asked Elizabeth if she has any advice to share with fellow Edison Nation members and aspiring inventors:

?Patience is definitely a virtue with inventing and the hopes of licensing.? EN has taught me to wait, be patient, and just live your life without giving too much thought to the process.? So I’m patient?I always dream big, hope for the best, and prepare for the worst? Thank you EN and thank you Ellery! And, I love my EN family!

While we are very excited to be teaming up with Ellery Homestyles and Elizabeth Crouch, scoring a licensing deal is just the first step in successfully bringing a product idea to market. Be sure to stay tuned for updates along the way!




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7 Comments Another Licensing Deal! Congratulations, Elizabeth Crouch!

  1. Kathleen

    Big congrats to you Elizabeth…you are such a warm, caring and inspirational person, you have no idea how you touch the lives of others. I am SO happy to see that good things really do happen to good people!

  2. Frank White

    Elizabeth, please allow me to offer my heartfelt congratulations on your newest licensing deal! It is indeed an honor knowing you!

  3. Greg M

    Hi Elizabeth! Wonderful story and congratulations to you and EN on the new licensing deal! Please keep us posted! 🙂

  4. Regan Dugger

    Congratulations, Liz! 🙂 Thank you for allowing me the privilege of being your confidant. I couldn’t be more thrilled over your latest success! I’ve never known someone who could overcome family tragedy, keeping faith in God, and emerge with the creative, energetic, and genuine spirit you have shown. May He continue to fill you life with blessings!!

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