Tips to Improve Your Product Idea Submissions

So you have a an idea for a product and want to know how to get your best foot forward with Edison Nation? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

If you?ve spent anytime lurking our forums, you?ve probably come across some helpful members providing tips on how to improve your invention idea submissions and increase your likelihood of having your product idea selected. While ultimately your product ideas will be evaluated using our 8-stage review process and are dependent on the quality of your idea in regards to the specific search, there are items to consider including in your product submission to help the review team better understand your idea.

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Be sure to stay tuned in the upcoming weeks as we dive into each of these items and bring in some Edison Nation team members to help. It is important to note that it is not absolutely necessary to include any or all of these components in your submissions. In fact, and some of our most successful products, such as Eggies?came to us as a simple drawing and written description.

E-Drawings. A few months ago we posted a blog article sharing a few free, user-friendly CAD application programs to create 3D CAD drawings. Being ?first to market? is important, especially in the As Seen on TV industry, and in some cases, CAD drawings or 3D renderings will not only give us a better understanding of your vision for the invention idea, but can also streamline the development process and shorten the time it takes to get a new product idea to market. Though it may take some time to understand how to use these programs, it can be well worth your time investment.

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Prototype. If you don?t already follow Jeremy ?s blog series, ProtoTYPING, you should. He?s covers everything from how to use common flat stock materials to create prototypes to detailing the steps required to bring products to life. If you?re able to create a rough prototype ? even if it?s made of tape and printer paper ? do it! Prototypes help us understand your vision and visualize the idea as a tangible product. Prototypes also give us an idea of the retail footprint of the item, which is especially important for As Seen on TV items. Thom Jensen made a prototype out of tinfoil for the Perfect Bacon Bowl submission, which helped the review team better understand his invention idea.

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Sell sheet. A sell sheet is a great, succinct way to attract attention to a new product idea and highlight the most important information. Sell sheets typically include pictures of the product from multiple angles; a short description of the functionality and benefits of the product; and specifications such as size, color, and materials. Sell sheets help the review team see the invention idea from a sales and marketability perspective in a neat and simplified manner. Plus, they are easy to distribute to internal teams or the company conducting the search!

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Video. Humans are visual creatures and most of us process information based on what we see. Oftentimes, including a video requires you to have at least a rough prototype of your invention idea, but we urge you to think outside the box! Channel your inner Leo DiCaprio and think about the different situations your invention idea can come in handy. Can you showcase this in a video? Are there props you can use in place of a prototype to help get your point across?

The ?WOW? factor of a product?s demonstration is the driving force behind its marketability in the As Seen on TV industry. What better way to showcase this in your submission than to submit a video? Get creative! A video can only help us better understand your invention idea, no matter what search you are submitting to.

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What suggestions do you have for your fellow Edison Nation members? What do you always include in your submissions? Let us know in the comments below!


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13 Comments Tips to Improve Your Product Idea Submissions

  1. Rachael Choate

    I have submitted my invention several times and got as far as research and design. At that point, I have a very nice note saying that similar things are already on the internet. I have spent hours and still am unable to find another product which is even remotely like mine. I realize everyone is likely to say this but I have tried and tried … and nothing! I would like to know, should I continue to submit and keep getting the same response from Edison or what? I have also thought about adding to it but because the concept is for it to be simple, it seems silly to make it more complicated. Any ideas will be gratefully considered. Thanks, Rachael.

  2. Lea


    We are sorry your idea has not advanced in the past.

    In general, when you receive feedback that there are competing products on the market, it is always good practice to do some additional research to see what is out there that could be construed as a similar item. Try different combinations of words that represent your idea to see what is out there and how you can truly differentiate your idea.

    Remember, existing products do not always have to be physically similar. In many cases, there may be existing products that fulfill a similar consumer need. In these instances, because products are out there, it prevents the licensing team from gaining a strong position with potential licensors.

    Once you have done your research and modified your idea, you are welcome to resubmit it for consideration – please just make sure you note the update both in the Title and Description sections of the submission.

    Thank you!

  3. Rachael Choate

    Just wanted to thank you for your reply with helpful and sensible advice. I feel as if I have done most of it already but there are still things you mentioned that I believe I can work on.
    All the best, Rachael.

  4. Yvette Baini

    please consider using Skype before submission , witch will help on wasting time . I’ve had my idea for some time, it would be nice to show and tell !

  5. Lea

    Hi Yvette,

    Unfortunately, Skype is not something we are able to offer to our community members at this time. We do, however, encourage you to include videos in your submission, which allow you to show and tell much like a Skype call would. Be sure to check back on our blog in upcoming weeks as we’ll have one of our internal videographers help you create the best video possible for your idea submissions.

    Hope this helps!

    Thank you,

  6. Nancy Wilde

    Do you have a price limit for your inventions? Are most below a certain amount?
    Thank you,

  7. Mary

    Hi Nancy,

    Great question. Each product search opportunity comes with its own price point and criteria. Our Insider only search for kitchen gadgets is asking for products that fall within the $5-$15 range. For our Edison Nation ASOTV team, the sweet spot for products that test well on TV are typically below $20. It really just depends on the “ask” found within each search. As a general rule, we always advise that when you are inventing a product within an industry, always ask yourself what will the market bear. I hope this helps! If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to

    Best of luck!

  8. Ckw

    Rachael Choate August 17, 2014 at 2:02 pm
    Hello Rachel
    I understand your frustration!
    I have submitted an idea that I knew for the last 7 Years Was beyond technology at the time but hoped Edison was enough forward thinking to consider it was possible.
    But I now believe it is feasible… Technology has caught up with my idea!
    But I can’t get beyond the team telling me there similar products already available even though they are not! It is so frustrating let me know if you find a way to get around that!

  9. Mary

    Hi! If your idea is selected for licensing, Edison Nation will split the licensing revenues 50/50 with you. Licensing revenues vary based upon the product but we always earn industry-leading rates.

  10. Steven Mlodzik

    Hello E.N.
    I’ve submitted an idea ID# EN439-97707 called the Locator Light that is patent pending and it,s at the Initial IP Review stage. I can easily come to Charlotte with a prototypes, samples, and a display [ that fits in a 2’x2′ ceiling grid ] that gives an actual view of the Locator Light and lens as it appears when turned on to produce a colored dot on the ceiling to reveal location of equipment and sensor that are above the ceiling and when the light is turned off the lens is almost unnoticeable.
    Seeing is believing. I had very positive responses from engineers, tech. as well as coworkers, and I’d be happy to show and share this with you.
    You can email back or call me 910-639-5696 or 910-725-0015
    Thank You.

  11. Mary Dickson

    Hi Steven, thank you for reaching out to Edison Nation! If our Licensing and Review team needs a closer look at your invention idea, a member of the team will reach out to request this. We appreciate you letting us know this feedback. Best of luck! If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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