ASOTV Winning Categories: Toys

Have an?invention idea for?As Seen on TV? We are always looking for great ideas in our?ASOTV Open Search. Keep reading to learn what categories are most successful?on TV.

This is the eighth and last?post in a series where we will explore what we believe to be the 10 chief categories that comprise the As Seen On TV (ASOTV) industry. It is important to note that while most ASOTV products fall into one of these categories, it is not all encompassing.

The ten categories that we will be including in this series are health & beauty, pets, kitchen, storage & organization, tools, exercise & weight loss, bath, and children?s toys. Each week we?ll dive into one of these categories and take a look at some of the all-time top products in that category and explain why we believe they make great ASOTV products. In our industry, we typically consider an ASOTV product that sells over 2 MM units a good product. Great products (mega hits) can sell 10 MM units or more. However, actual financials and sales data for ASOTV products are typically unknown, so for the purpose of our blog we will define success by whether or not it made it to retail.

For our last week, we?ll take a peek into the ?toys? category and review some successful products, past and present.

Pillow Pets As Seen on TVPillow Pets

Position: Cute, huggable pets that pop into full-size pillows.

Some consider Pillow Pets to be the one that broke the mold and started the trend of plush toy success for As Seen on TV. Producer, Infomercials, Inc., really has a knack for capturing the excitement and joy on children?s faces, especially in the Pillow Pets? spot, which is, undoubtedly, a contributing factor for this product?s success. Following Pillow Pets? success, other As Seen on TV toys such as Glow Pets and Dream Lites were introduced to the market. Pillow Pets has a bit of a larger retail footprint than most As Seen on TV items, but does meet all other criteria we typically looking for when we review submissions.



Rainbow LoomFun Loom

Position: The creation station for your imagination to make anything by hand with cool, new stretchy bands.

In regards to As Seen on TV, as we?ve previously discussed, being first to market is key to a product?s success. Though similar products had already popped up in retail stores and rubber band loom weaving was already trending, IdeaVillage hopped on the train early to bring their modified, less expensive version to As Seen on TV. The spot?s catchy jingle, memorable demonstrations, and beautiful creations make this spot a winner.



As Seen on TVBendaroos

Position: The amazing, flexible building sticks.

Our friends at Hutton Miller really nailed it with this one. The magic is in the silly, rhyming script and the amazing creations the children make with such ease. A simple, yet demonstrable concept such as Bendaroos is the perfect toy product for As Seen on TV, and it?s shown in the product?s success. This product appeals to both girls and boys of a wide age range, an important aspect we look for in As Seen on TV toys.



Have you seen the commercial spots for any of these products on TV? Have you purchased any of them? Let us know in the comments below!


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