ASOTV Winning Categories: Storage & Organization

Have an?invention idea for?As Seen on TV? We are always looking for great ideas in our?ASOTV Open Search. Keep reading to learn what categories are most successful?on TV.

This is the fourth?post in a series where we will explore what we believe to be the 10 chief categories that comprise the ASOTV industry. It is important to note that while most ASOTV products fall into one of these categories, it is not all encompassing.

The ten categories that we will be including in this series are health & beauty, pets, kitchen, storage & organization, tools, exercise & weight loss, bath, and children?s toys. Each week we?ll dive into one of these categories and take a look at some of the all-time top products in that category and explain why we believe they make great ASOTV products. In our industry, we typically consider an ASOTV product that sells over 2 MM units a good product. Great products (mega hits) can sell 10 MM units or more. However, actual financials and sales data for ASOTV products are typically unknown, so for the purpose of our blog we will define success by whether or not it made it to retail.

This week, we?ll take a peak into the ?storage and organization? category and review some successful products, past and present.


?Mr. Lid ASOTV productMr. Lid

Position: The only container of its kind with an attached lid.

With so much competition, food storage is a tough category to crack, but Mr. Lid?s simple solution to a universal problem is a no brainer. This is definitely one of those products that make you question, ?Why didn?t I think of that?? The creative is a little over the top and identifies every single possible use for the product, but it works. The bottom line? Mr. Lid encapsulates every criterion we typically look for in ASOTV products. Plus it is one of only a few storage ASOTV products, that I am aware of, that has ever rolled out to retail.



Wonder Hanger ASOTVWonder Hanger

Position: Instantly triple your closet space! Wonder Hanger is the ultimate solution to any crowded closet.

This wasn?t a completely novel concept, per say, but the magic is in the creative, and the spot does a great job convincing you how well this product works. Closet space is a premium for many people, so this spot knocks mass marketability out of the park. As for the offer, the bendable hangers and stick up lights are two great items that certainly sweeten the deal. One important question you should ask yourself when assessing whether or not your idea is suitable for ASOTV is ?Is it dynamic enough?? In this case, the visual demonstration of Wonder Hanger is something that can be easily understood and is visually captivating. For these reasons, as well as its small retail footprint and price, Wonder Hanger makes a great ASOTV product.



Swivel Store ASOTVSwivel Store

Position: The space saving organizer that conveniently keeps all your spices in less than 4 inches of space.

This is another one where the magic is in the creative. The before and afters that show the cluttered mess transforming into a sleek open space is a great and powerful demonstration that resonates with anyone who has ever been frustrated by a messy spice cabinet. Space-saving solutions in the kitchen are a toss up, but this product meets all criteria that we typically look for when it comes to ASOTV: mass marketability, demonstrability, easy to understand, small retail footprint, and low price.



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